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Woman Suffers Organ Damage From Green Tea Extract Supplement

Health Canada will strengthen warnings on labels by together with the language: “Rare, unpredictable cases of liver injury associated with green tea extract-containing products have been reported (in Canada and internationally).”

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A federal review in Canada concluded that whereas the bulk of people that take green-tea extract “in any form, do so without harm,” additionally they discovered that “there may be a link between the use of green tea extract and a risk of rare and unpredictable liver injury.”

The warnings are nothing new—together with within the U.S. In 2014, The American College of Gastroenterology launched tips on medicine and herbal supplements that may trigger liver damage. Topping the record of herbals? You guessed it: green-tea extract. Some drugs, they observe within the press release, can include greater than 700 milligrams (mg) of catechins (the lively compound in inexperienced tea), whereas a cup of inexperienced tea incorporates 50 to 150 mg, and other people are likely to take these tablets a number of occasions a day. 

“In animal studies, when some strains of mice are given high doses of EGCG (the active catechin in green tea), they develop acute liver injury that looks like Tylenol toxicity,” explains Herbert Lloyd Bonkovsky, M.D., gastroenterology professor at Wake Forest Baptist Health. He notes that some individuals—due to elements like genetics—could also be extra vulnerable to liver injury than others. “Fasting also increases the absorption of catechins, meaning there may be a higher risk of injury for people who are trying to lose weight,” he says. 


Bonkovsky additionally notes that whereas consuming inexperienced tea is nearly all the time protected, there have been some reviews of individuals creating liver damage after consuming giant quantities, like eight or 10 cups a day.

Another research in 2017 within the journal Hepatology additionally discovered that anabolic steroids and green-tea extract have been two of the most typical dietary supplements to trigger liver injury. 

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Aside from that, there are various unknowns if you take dietary supplements. “Supplements are not a regulated industry. There are no standards or guidelines to how they should be produced, testing of ingredients, or how/where they can be sold. It’s not safe to assume all supplements claiming to contain a certain ingredient are universally safe,” says Sea Girt, New Jersey-based registered dietitian nutritionist Mandy Enright, R.D.N. She additionally notes that dietary supplements are sometimes bought in shops the place staff aren’t educated concerning the product—or could be simply purchased on-line. You might not all the time concentrate on the unwanted side effects and dangers of what you’re taking.  (Support muscle & joint health with this herbal tea blend from the Women’s Health Boutique.)

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“When in doubt, aim to get the ingredient or nutrient from its natural food source, such as drinking green tea versus taking a questionable pill form,” she says.

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