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Why focus tax money on women’s health? | Letters to the Editor

Why are we as Americans requested to focus so narrowly on women’s health? We learn and listen to every day about women’s issues and women’s rights to taxpayer-funded medical remedies and, I’d add, abortions.

A current letter spelled out contraception, most cancers screenings and annual well-woman exams all funded with Title X taxpayer-funded dollars. When did we turn into a society the place we carve out teams of individuals to obtain taxpayer funding no matter the similar taxpayers’ objections, ethical or in any other case?

It is estimated that almost half of voters in America declare to be pro-choice advocates; that quantities to roughly 117 million individuals. The Planned Parenthood a part of the issues mentioned receives slightly below $550 million per yr in taxpayer funding. If the 117 million supposed pro-choice advocates would donate a mere $5 every to Planned Parenthood, it will require no taxpayer direct funding.

I might supply that if Planned Parenthood is so essential to one sector of society that they put their money the place their mouth is.

In the preamble to our Constitution considered one of its functions is to “insure domestic tranquility.” That tranquility won’t ever happen once more in America till our authorities and our individuals cease choosing winners and losers from our populace.

Randy Matson

North Platte

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