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Why Are My Nails Yellow?

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Reason 2: You all the time overlook your bathe footwear on the health club.

The fitness center is not all the time one of the best factor for our finger and toenails, Idriss says. “There’s undoubtedly a fungus amongst us, particularly when strolling barefoot within the locker room. Athlete’s foot is a factor, and it is no shock the identify holds true. Fungus and micro organism may cause the nails to show yellow-green and ultimately purchase chalk-like brittleness,” she says. If you assume you’ve got gotten one thing from the locker room, Idriss recommends chatting with your dermatologist, as a result of remedy can differ relying on the supply of the discoloration.

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Reason three: You’re a smoker (or have a vitamin deficiency).

“Although the exact reason why is unknown, yellow nails are usually seen in those who suffer from chronic lung disease or poor liver function, and long-term smokers (as nails come into contact with the smoke of tobacco),” says Idriss. “Certain vitamin deficiencies such as B-12 and zinc can also lead to nail discoloration over time.” (Dance your approach match with Women’s Health High-Intensity Dance Cardio DVD!)

Reason four: Someone in your loved ones additionally has yellow nails.

“This is extremely rare and is known as ‘yellow-nail syndrome,’ says Idriss of the herditary condition. “It starts in middle age, and is associated with obviously yellow nails of both hands and feet, swelling in the legs, and respiratory signs such as chronic difficulty breathing. If this affects you or someone you know, treating the underlying lung issues and leg swelling is of crucial importance to your health. Your nails may or may not revert back to normal because the changes are due to a genetic mutation.”

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