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Who Looks Obese to You?

Who Looks Obese to You?

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TUESDAY, June 13, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Whether somebody considers you obese might rely in your gender, race and age, a brand new research finds.

“It appears like obesity is within the eye of the beholder,” stated research co-author Vida Maralani, an affiliate professor of sociology at Cornell University.

“People are judged differently depending on who they are. ‘Too fat’ in the medical world is objective. You can measure it. But in the social world, it’s not. It’s subjective,” Maralani stated in a college information launch.

Perceptions of weight problems different considerably by race, the researchers discovered.

“We find quite consistent patterns for white Americans,” Maralani stated. “For white men, there was a penalty both for being too thin and for being too fat. For white women, thinner was nearly always better.”

Among black Americans, “the link between body mass and these outcomes dissipates,” she stated. “People seem to have become more accepting of larger bodies. But that’s not true for whites,” Maralani stated.

The researchers discovered that there are excessive societal expectations for white women to be skinny. The greater a white lady’s physique mass index, the decrease her wages. BMI is an estimate of physique fats based mostly on weight and peak. Those with the bottom BMI had the very best wages, the researchers stated.

“I think our focus on the medical definition of obesity has led us to lose track of the fact that, in the social world, we have quite subjective and fluid definitions of what it means to be fat or thin for different groups,” Maralani stated.

The research was revealed just lately within the journal Sociological Science.

— Robert Preidt

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SOURCE: Cornell University, information launch, May 2017

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