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When to Use & When You Shouldn’t

I’ve been a fan of coconut oil for a very very long time. It is a highly nourishing oil with hundreds of uses, and these days I’ve run throughout many sources touting the advantages of coconut oil for hair. It can definitely be useful for sure hair varieties when used appropriately, however many sources advocate utilizing it in ways in which might do extra hurt than good.

Before you go pour coconut oil throughout your head, ensure that understand how to use it appropriately to get the advantages with out harming your hair!

Why Use Coconut Oil for Hair?

Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), particular forms of fatty acid with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which might be very nourishing to the physique. It is particularly excessive within the C12 chain of MCFAs generally known as Lauric Acid.

Lauric acid is of course occurring in breastmilk as nicely and is supportive of hormone health and mobile health. This useful property of coconut oil can also be one of many causes it can help prevent protein loss in hair (for some individuals). Coconut oil’s construction permits it to penetrate hair in ways in which different oils will not be in a position to, which is why some individuals discover superb outcomes comparatively shortly when utilizing coconut oil for hair.

The concept of placing oil instantly within the hair can appear counterintuitive, particularly to anybody with naturally oily hair. Nourishing hair oil treatments have been used for hundreds of years, although these use a sure ratio of useful oils (and I add honey and magnesium) and these are usually not used as an on a regular basis product.

When it’s Harmful to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

There is little question that sure oils may be useful to hair and that many people strip out useful oils from over-shampooing, main the physique to improve pure oil manufacturing to compensate. Due to over-shampooing and poor food plan, many people are additionally lacking very important vitamins we’d like to construct wholesome hair within the first place, however is including oil to the hair the answer?

Not essentially!

Certain oils do appear to be just about universally useful for hair, however coconut oil isn’t all the time certainly one of them. For occasion, Castor oil is an age-old beauty secret for increasing hair growth.  I apply it to my hair and eyelashes and have seen superb outcomes, and a whole lot of commenters have had an analogous expertise.

Coconut oil, however, will get combined outcomes. Some individuals report instantly more healthy and smoother hair, whereas others declare that their hair fell out by the handfull after utilizing it. So what’s the cause for the discrepancy and the way can an individual know if coconut oil goes to be useful or trigger hair loss?

Coconut Oil Isn’t for Every Hair Type

Not surprisingly, several types of hair reply to oils in a different way and coconut oil gained’t work for each hair sort. Because it helps the hair retain its pure protein, it may be useful for many who lack sufficient pure protein in hair follicles. Studies have even confirmed coconut oil’s benefits for sure kinds of hair, however it isn’t for everybody!

Typically, these with positive to medium shiny hair will see good outcomes from coconut oil and see stronger, shinier hair with extra quantity. Those with coarse or dry hair might not wrestle with low protein in any respect and coconut oil might lead to extra brittle hair and hair loss. These individuals might profit extra from different varieties of oil like marula oil or argan oil.

It ought to go with out saying, however anybody with an allergy or response to coconuts or coconut oil shouldn’t use these merchandise in hair both, it doesn’t matter what hair sort.

The Amount Matters

When it comes to utilizing coconut oil for hair, the quantity used additionally issues. You’ve in all probability heard the saying “too much of a good thing,” and this totally applies when it comes to utilizing coconut oil in hair. Just as with dietary supplements, if just a little bit is sweet, lots isn’t essentially higher.

Coconut oil appears most useful when utilized in small quantities to coat hair or scale back frizz and hair might not reply nicely to being coated in giant quantities of coconut oil.

For greatest outcomes, attempt simply rubbing a small quantity of coconut oil between your arms to heat it up after which working via hair gently. This ought to assist tame frizz and make hair shiny with out the damaging results.

Other Ingredients Matter Too

Coconut oil is usually included in recipes for nourishing hair oils, hair masks and hair merchandise and these makes use of won’t essentially be dangerous. When mixed with different oils and elements, not solely is much less coconut oil coming in touch with the hair, however the mixtures of fatty acids can have totally different results utterly.

For occasion, coconut oil doesn’t appear to make hair dry or brittle when mixed with the monounsaturated fatty acids from olive oil or when combined with argan or marula oil (each nice for hair). Honey additionally appears to make coconut oil much more useful for hair and the straightforward sugars in honey can nourish hair and make it naturally clean and frizz free.

It Depends on Other Hair Products

Coconut oil may not be the only option to use on hair for many who use pure or selfmade hair merchandise. Homemade hair merchandise (like my favorite mud shampoo), don’t include the chemical detergents and surfactants that many business shampoos and merchandise do, making it troublesome for them to take away extra oils from the hair, particularly in giant quantities. My mud shampoo leaves my hair delicate and powerful, however it isn’t one of the best at eradicating an all-over hair oil remedy (I stick to an organic store bough clarifying shampoo for this).

How to Safely Use Coconut Oil For Hair

Those who assume that coconut oil could also be useful for his or her hair varieties can profit from utilizing it, however there are some greatest practices when utilizing coconut oil for hair:

  • Avoid the scalp: Though coconut oil appears to be useful for many who wrestle with dandruff that has a fungal element, others may even see unfavorable results from utilizing coconut oil instantly on the scalp. Coconut oil might clog pores and trigger irritation for some scalp varieties (simply because it does on sure pores and skin varieties), and is greatest used instantly on the hair and never the scalp (of these with the fitting sort of hair).
  • Start with small quantities: Again, extra isn’t higher. Especially till you understand how your hair handles coconut oil, use a small quantity and see how hair responds.
  • Add different components: Adding different oils can change how coconut oil impacts hair. As a deep remedy, mixing coconut oil with honey and yogurt might supply extra profit than coconut oil alone.

Eat the Coconut Oil for Maximum Benefit

For all of the useful properties of coconut oil, hair doesn’t have the power to digest or metabolize coconut oil just like the digestive system does. It can supply some profit on a strictly chemical degree, however you gained’t have the opportunity to absolutely make the most of the useful properties of coconut oil when it’s used externally or in hair.

For this purpose, coconut oil might supply probably the most profit to hair when consumed internally, as its excessive Medium Chain Fatty Acid content material and antioxidants might help enhance the speed of hair progress from the within out. Hair health and progress begins internally, so the long-term answer to more healthy, stronger and shinier hair consists of addressing inner elements like eating regimen, dietary supplements and sleep. Just just like the pores and skin, hair is a mirrored image of inner health and may be largely managed by hormones (one of many causes women lose hair after being pregnant) so contemplate focusing on balancing hormones and nourishing the physique to enhance hair.

Do you employ coconut oil in your hair? What outcomes have you ever skilled? Share under!

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