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Whats wrong with common? – Carla Birnberg

The photograph which began all of it…

The Child and I’ve been going via previous footage.

Everything from Great Grandparents to Mama again within the olden days.

Pre-child. Pre-marriage.

She found a stack from when I was in college and instantly remarked how totally different I seemed.

She couldn’t come up with phrases to seize exactly how (I feel she was too sweet to level out my present wrinkled, unkempt state), however in the best way of all youngsters she marveled on the very thought I had a life lengthy earlier than moving to Guatemala.

rsz_screen_shot_2015-08-21_at_44457_amShe was shocked I’d as soon as cropped/bleached my hair.

She scrutinized photographs and requested for tales.

I watched as she started to formulate a picture of who I used to be and what I did earlier than she was in our lives.

As she lingered on a photograph from a bodybuilding competition she requested:

Does it make you unhappy you don’t have muscle tissues like this any extra?

To say I might hear the Husband gasp from the opposite room can be an understatement.

I feel he questioned if her honesty (to her it’s all simply info) would harm my emotions?

The factor is, because the saying goes, we will mislead others however we will’t misinform ourselves.

I’m trustworthy with me.

Not having resistance training as a focus in my life has been a selection and never an accident.

It’s just not a priority right now.


currently, lately being “just OKAY” is simply good!

In a world crammed with individuals competing to be the subsequent huge factor (or Periscope star)–proper now I’m OK being common.

In a world crammed with individuals vying for the highlight, proper now I’m content material in the midst of the pack.

I’m fortunately common and it isn’t about being lazy both.

Here’s why.

Successful doesn’t imply extraordinary.

Realization of that assertion was an eyeopener for me.  Ponder it for a second.  Sure some profitable individuals are fairly extraordinary.  Others are merely a confluence of being in the appropriate place on the proper time with a touch of luck on prime.

I consider I’ve touched and helped a lot of individuals in quite a lot of small methods.

I’m OK with that degree of OKAYness.


Consistency of effort is OKAY too.

Consistency is just not sometimes lauded as success.  In my world consistency is all the success I need.

Average doesn’t imply I don’t attempt or I’m not pleased.

This final concept is a pivotal one for me.  It’s the cornerstone of my life and of our #wycwyc concept.

I’ve recognized my objectives. I’ve named my priorities. I work towards dwelling/attaining each every day.  All these collectively end in a cheerful me.

And but I understand we’re all totally different.  For some not striving every day to be #1 can be lower than dwelling absolutely.

For me happiness is a direct results of *not* striving for perfection

My comfortable emerges once I do what I can every day with out turning into all consumed by aim achievement in any area.

In the top, I merely defined to the Child I didn’t thoughts my muscular tissues weren’t “big” any extra. 

I shared with her my musings on being common in a means a 9 yr previous might perceive.

I’m common. In most realms.  And I’m comfortable about that.

And you?

  • What are your ideas on how common has transitioned to imply “less than?”
  • Do you consider common as unfavorable & striving to be #1 is extra intense in social media than offline?


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