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What Is High Functioning Depression – Women’s Health

On the surface, you’re extremely productive, profitable and motivated. You have an enormous group of pals, a fantastic job and appear to have life all sorted out. But on the within, you’re gripped by low self-value and the strain to be good.

Sound acquainted?

This is the actuality for many who have excessive functioning melancholy. They endure in silence whereas doing what they should simply to get by.

Most generally, the situation is known as dysthymia, or Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD). It carries all the identical signs of main melancholy however it’s lots more durable to identify.

“Major depressive disorder relates to a combination of emotional, cognitive and physical changes,” explains SANE Australia psychologist Suzanne Leckie. 

“These can include sadness, guilt and a sense of hopelessness, trouble concentrating and remembering, experiencing less pleasure in usual activities, fatigue, trouble sleeping and changes to appetite.”              

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“With PDD, people experience many of the same symptoms but to a lesser degree which enables them to still get out of bed in the morning and do much of what they need to do.” 

“This signifies that the melancholy is probably not evident to others and may come as a shock to prolonged household and colleagues.

The signs usually final for 2 or extra years, at which level victims typically begin to contemplate PDD their “new regular.”

“They lose sight of what it was like to feel better,” Suzanne explains. “It’s often the case that people only seek help when they can no longer meet their obligations.”

While there’s no medical check for PDD, main care docs and psychological health professionals can use screening instruments to evaluate sufferers’ danger.    
“A GP, psychologist or psychiatrist diagnoses PDD through asking questions relating to the symptoms. This could be done via a questionnaire that is scored to reveal levels of depression but can also be undertaken more conversationally.”
If any of this rings true for you, speaking to your GP is a superb first step.
You can even name the SANE Australia Helpline on 1800 187 263 to speak to a psychological health skilled from 10am-10pm AEST, or go to the SANE Online Forums at

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