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What Is FemTech? 5 Things To Know About The New Industry

When you consider the tech business, you typically consider male entrepreneurs. But increasingly more women are making a mark on this area, and one results of that is the rise of a new industry called FemTech. Ida Tin, CEO of the period-tracking app Clue and coiner of the time period “FemTech,” lately mentioned the place the business is occurring a Geekettes panel, together with Clue’s Science and Education Manager Anna Druet and Head of Content Amanda Cormier.

FemTech is any know-how geared towards enhancing women’s lives, Tin defined. It consists of not solely period-tracking apps like Clue but in addition pelvic floor exercisers like the Yarlap, smart sex toys like the Lioness, and birth control apps like Nurx. When Tin began seeing all these corporations pop up, she thought, “Hold on, there is a category on the rise here.” She defined on the panel, “That’s a big thing. … Then, investors can say, ‘I have four FemTech companies in my portfolio’ instead of ‘I have a company for women peeing in their pants.’ That’s hard for a male investor to say.”

As increasingly more individuals within the tech business and out of doors it perceive the significance of FemTech, it can develop and develop. So, listed here are some issues to know about FemTech and its future.

1It Aims To Give Women More Control Over Their Health And Lives

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“Women can only fulfill their potential and their life purpose when they have some agency over their own body and their own childbearing,” Tin defined, mentioning that there is been little innovation in contraception since the Pill’s invention within the 50s. The aim of FemTech is to offer women extra management over their health, their happiness, and their futures. Knowledge is energy, in any case, and know-how provides us information.

2It Can Advance Scientific Knowledge

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Speaking of data, apps like Clue are informative not only for customers but in addition for the scientific understanding of our our bodies. “One of the exciting things about merging tech and female health is that we start having exciting amounts of data,” says Tin. “We can talk to millions.” As an instance, Druet stated Clue has discovered that women’s hormones are totally different in East and West Germany. Getting this knowledge in any other case would “take so much money and so much effort,” she defined. Similarly, knowledge from Lioness have established the three kinds of female orgasm. It’s a lot simpler for corporations to research the info their customers are already placing out than it’s for an establishment to get a research accepted, carried out, and revealed.

threeIt Can Help Health Problems Get Diagnosed And Treated Sooner

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Between serving to women perceive their very own our bodies and including to the larger scientific information concerning the feminine physique, FemTech can finally assist these affected by medical circumstances. For instance, endometriosis takes 10 years on average to diagnose. But if a lady can track her period symptoms with an app, it could possibly inform her that her durations are irregular and she or he ought to go to a physician. And when she’s on the physician’s, she will precisely report what signs she’s been experiencing to obtain a analysis and remedy quicker. “Every data point you track is helping shape the future for younger girls,” stated Druet.

fourIt’s Helping Men Understand Women’s Health Issues

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Unfortunately, nearly all of the tech industry continues to be male, which may make it a wrestle for women’s health startups to get funding and a spotlight. However, when FemTech corporations do succeed, they assist males perceive women’s health. When Tin provides shows to males, she’ll typically present a graph of feminine hormonal modifications all through the month after which one other displaying how male hormones keep fixed. At that time, the lads start to assume, “Maybe I don’t fully understand it, but I understand there’s something I don’t understand,” she stated.

Clue has a function that allows you to share your cycle with another person if you would like, and the period-tracking app MyFLO has a “partner sync” feature that tells your associate what you may like based mostly on the place you’re in your cycle. These sorts of capabilities permit us all to worth women’s health as an alternative of viewing it as mysterious or irrelevant.

5It’s Destigmatizing Menstrual And Sexual Health

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Women are routinely gaslighted about their own pain or advised by docs that their health issues are regular. Or, their sexual problems are treated as unimportant as a result of they are not supposed to love intercourse anyway. By creating know-how to enhance women’s reproductive and sexual health, FemTech is getting us to speak about these subjects and deal with them like they matter — as a result of they do.

“There’s an emerging understanding that there are many needs, and where there are many needs, there’s also many opportunities,” stated Tin. The thrilling half is, these wants are simply starting to be acknowledged, and there might be many extra alternatives down the street to enhance women’s lives by way of know-how.

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