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Watch These CrossFit Guys Hilariously Try to Keep Up With A Ballerina

Men who go to Crossfit courses on the reg are recognized for being tremendous buff and powerful, it just about comes with the territory. But as everyone knows: no exercise must be handled equally. These muscular Crossfit guys discovered that the onerous approach as they tried to sustain with this professionally educated ballerina. 

Spoiler alert: they failed. 

SELF invited some Crossfit athletes to take a category lead by Isabella Boylston, the youngest principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Well, simply watch and see what occurs for your self, however we assure that it’ll give a superb chuckle. 


Perhaps these guys ought to work some dance courses into their common routine?

And as for our new favourite ballerina, Isabella Boylston, she’s an lively member of the dance firm and eats pasta each single day (gasp), particularly earlier than performances. Her love for pasta is so intense that Quality Italian restaurant named a dish after her referred to as “ballerina pasta” and proceeds profit National Endowment for the Arts. Amazing!

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