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Virgin Hair vs. Remy Human Hair

What is the Difference Between Hair Types?

When shopping for hair extensions, there are a few phrases we see typically like virgin hair, Remy hair, non-remy hair, human hair and warmth resistant hair, however what does all of it imply? There has been lots of confusion about totally different hair varieties and it’s necessary to know what every of them means as a result of they’re all utterly totally different in look, high quality, and worth. Before shopping for hair extensions, it is best to know all the essential phrases and precisely what sort of hair you need to keep away from disappointment. There are additionally many corporations which might be making an attempt to trick individuals to spend some huge cash on low high quality hair so watch out and educated. All of this will appear a bit complicated at the start, nevertheless it’s truly quite simple and also you simply have to know a few primary hair varieties and also you’re all set!

100% Virgin Hair

Let’s begin with the infamous virgin hair. 100% virgin hair is the costliest hair that you could purchase, nevertheless it lasts longer than some other sort of hair extensions if correctly taken care of. So in an effort to qualify as virgin hair, it needs to be 100% pure. That means it could actually’t undergo any chemical processing; it has not been permed, colour handled, dyed, bleached, blow-dried, steam handled or gone by way of any chemical processing. Another factor to remember is that 100% virgin hair has by no means been mechanically processed or manipulated as nicely. It comes from one single donor and the cuticles nonetheless need to be intact and run in the identical course. If all of those necessities are usually not met, then it isn’t 100% virgin hair.

For these of you who marvel what a cuticle is, the cuticle is the outermost a part of the hair shaft. It is a tough, shingle like layer of overlapping cells. It acts as a protecting barrier for the softer internal construction of the hair, together with the medulla and the cortex. The cuticle is chargeable for a lot of the mechanical power of the hair fiber and it additionally represents the construction that holds the water content material of the fiber. Much of the shine that makes wholesome hair so engaging and delightful is because of the cuticles. So for the hair to be 100% virgin, the cuticles need to be aligned and intact and the hair firm ought to double verify that.

There are 4 important levels that decide the standard of virgin hair extensions. The first is assortment and the way uncooked hair is obtained from the donor. The second is mixing and the way that hair is matched to create wefts. The third is fabrication and what sort of course of is used to stitch the wefts. And the fourth is sanitization and which course of is used to take away impurities from the hair. These are all of the questions you possibly can ask your hair firm. It’s additionally essential to ask how the hair is collected. If the corporate is promoting virgin hair, they need to have information about that as a result of they should guarantee high-quality.

For eradicating nits, many suppliers use pesticides after which wash the hair or they’ll use an adhesive dissolvent, however each current challenges. If you ever skilled extreme or persistent itching after putting in your hair extensions or in case you ever had an allergic response, pesticides are responsible for that. On the opposite hand, dissolvents trigger injury to the hair cuticles so each are dangerous and people are chemical strategies that aren’t used on virgin hair. Nits are eliminated manually from virgin hair and there are not any chemical compounds concerned in any approach.

Remy Hair

Remy Human Hair by AiryHair

Remy Human Hair by EtherealHair

Some individuals get confused when coping with Remy hair vs. virgin hair, particularly since you typically see hair marked as 100% virgin Remy hair. What differentiates virgin hair from Remy hair is chemical processing and cuticle alignment. Remy hair has the cuticles intact and aligned, however it might have gone by means of some sort of steam processing, despite the fact that it won’t have been dyed or permed. So that makes it not 100% pure virgin hair. The cause why cuticle alignment is so necessary is as a result of if the cuticles will not be aligned, the hair will tangle and mat as a result of cuticles shield the hair. The cuticle to your hair is like pores and skin to your physique; it retains the moisture in, it retains the shine. If the cuticle is eliminated, then they should put silicone, a man-made cuticle, on the hair and also you’ll have the ability to inform in a short time when you’ve got non-remy hair as a result of the silicone will get broken and washes out fairly shortly. Then you get tangling and matting. Because this isn’t a regulated business, some producers will mark hair that has no cuticle and even hair that has been combined with artificial hair so remember if you’re buying your hair. One strategy to check should you purchased actual Remy hair with the cuticles intact, is to dip your hand in water and run it down the hair, it’s going to really feel actually clean. And should you do this once more, however going up, it’s going to really feel sort of tough and that’s what you need. If it feels clean taking place and going up, meaning the cuticles have been eliminated.

Remy hair is high quality, 100% human hair so it’s going to final you a very long time. If you correctly deal with it, it’ll final and it’ll nonetheless look very recent months later. However, it does require extra care than your 100% virgin hair so be sure to comply with the rules that include the package deal. High high quality Remy hair may also be dyed later professionally in the event you select to. So if you would like your hair extensions to final for a really very long time and to not tangle or mat, Remy hair is the best way to go. It has a very pure feel and appear and it’s the most effective sort of hair you should purchase after virgin hair.

100% Human Hair

Comparing Hair Extensions Types: Virgin Hair vs. Remy Human Hair

This is hair that’s 100% human and it has not been combined with any type of artificial fibers or warmth resistant fibers. Although it’s 100% human hair like Remy is, in contrast to the Remy hair 100% human hair has been chemically stripped of its cuticle. They do this in order that it may be machine processed. The drawback with that is, if you strip the cuticles, you’re going to get brittleness, tangling, matting, and dryness. The cuticles are an integral a part of the hair and stripping it away might trigger you a lot issues. The cuticle can also be typically changed with silicone which washes away in a short time and also you’re left with hair that has not cuticles and it’ll continuously tangle and won’t look good. If it’s a better high quality 100% human hair, it may well final for a while regardless that it may need been chemically handled or coloured, nevertheless it’s not going to final so long as Remy hair. If it’s low high quality, watch out as a result of that’s typically been diluted with artificial hair to be able to decrease the worth. So ensure you take note of what you’re getting whenever you buy this hair.

Human Hair Quality

Heat Resistant Hair

This is just not 100% human hair as a result of this hair has been combined with premium high quality warmth resistant fibers or different artificial fibers. So you’re going to have some human hair nevertheless it’s not going to be the bulk. This hair is so much cheaper than 100% human hair. Be cautious with such a hair, it will probably often be straightened or curl with scorching irons however you can’t dye or shade this hair. This hair is often low high quality and the one advantage of it’s that it’s very low cost, however it won’t final you for a very long time like 100% human or Remy hair will.

Heat Resistant Hair

That depart us with one other sort. Which is heat resistant hair, comprised of top quality artificial fiber and it’s warmth resistant so you possibly can nonetheless use flat irons or curling irons on this hair however as much as a sure diploma. This isn’t human hair in any form or type. It will resemble human hair as a lot as attainable however it isn’t. This hair won’t final a very long time and it’s actually not a sensible shopping for selection. It is just artificial hair and it’ll by no means seem like actual human hair. You can type warmth resistant artificial hair and use curling or flat irons on it however the results are often not so good. So in the event you’re in search of high quality extensions you could put on for months and that look pure, that is the worst choice.

Looking for High Quality Hair

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Comparing Hair Extensions Types: Virgin Hair vs. Remy Human Hair

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