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Vasomotor symptoms of menopause: Treatment and management

Menopause happens after a lady has not had her interval for 12 months. After menopause, she not releases eggs for fertilization, and her ovaries don’t produce estrogen and progesterone, as they as soon as did.

Hormonal modifications related to menopause trigger a number of symptoms. Hot flashes, flushing, and night time sweats are often known as vasomotor symptoms.

Doctors have no idea what causes vasomotor symptoms exactly, though they’re among the many commonest occurrences of menopause. According to Harvard Health Publications, a lady going by means of menopause might expertise vasomotor symptoms for 5-7 years. However, some women might have symptoms that last as long as 11 years or perhaps a lifetime.

Fast details:

  • ‘Vasomotor’ refers back to the ‘vasomotor middle,’ the half of the mind that manages blood pressure.
  • Hormonal modifications result in vasomotor symptoms in menopause.
  • Causes are thought to narrate to hormonal modifications post-menopause.
  • Managing symptoms can contain hormonal treatment or anti-depressants.

What are the vasomotor symptoms of menopause?

lady fanning herself with paper
Vasomotor symptoms of menopause might embrace scorching flashes and night time sweating.

Menopause symptoms can dramatically have an effect on a lady’s high quality of life, with the overwhelming majority of women experiencing vasomotor symptoms of some type, as they undergo menopause.

Further definitions of vasomotor symptoms embrace:

  • Hot flashes: The sudden sensation of warmth that impacts the chest, neck, and face.
  • Night sweating: A lady might get up and expertise excessive episodes of sweating, the place her garments and typically sheets are drenched.

Vasomotor circumstances may cause a lady to expertise anxiety and coronary heart palpitations, as nicely.


Doctors agree that the causes of vasomotor symptoms in menopause are unknown.

However, they consider the shortage of some hormones might have an effect. They consider this makes the hypothalamus, or half of the mind liable for temperature regulation, extra delicate to modifications in a lady’s physique warmth.

Even a really small improve in physique temperature can set off a scorching flash. Researchers are unclear why some women get them, and others don’t, or why scorching flashes differ in severity.

Over time, scorching flashes begin to diminish and finally disappear altogether. Only a number of women expertise periodic scorching flashes for the remaining of their life.

Risk elements

While not all women going via menopause have vasomotor symptoms, a big portion does.

Some women are recognized to be extra in danger of experiencing these symptoms. Risk elements embrace:

  • Smoking: Women who smoke expertise extra incidences of scorching flashes than women who don’t.
  • Obesity: Women which are obese usually tend to have scorching flashes.
  • Ethnic background: African-American women report a better incidence of scorching flashes than do women of European descent. However, Chinese- and Asian-American women report fewer vasomotor symptoms than their European counterparts.

According to an article revealed within the journal Menopause, women who skilled hypertensive being pregnant illnesses, corresponding to preeclampsia, have been extra more likely to expertise vasomotor symptoms in menopause.


lady with insomnia staring at the back of her clock
Chronic vasomotor symptoms might result in problems corresponding to insomnia.

Some women who expertise continual and extended vasomotor symptoms additionally report having continual insomnia, which makes it troublesome going to or staying asleep.

Women with vasomotor symptoms may be at a better danger of:

If a lady experiences vasomotor symptoms, she ought to speak to her physician on how she will guarantee she improves her coronary heart and bone health after menopause.


Doctors might prescribe estrogen to women experiencing vital vasomotor symptoms related with menopause. However, taking estrogen is related to different dangers, together with a better probability of creating breast and endometrial cancers.

Sometimes the dangers outweigh the advantages if a lady begins taking estrogen inside 10 years of her final menstrual interval.

Women who take estrogen earlier than 60 may additionally expertise higher outcomes with fewer dangers than women who’re older than 60 once they take it.

If a lady does select to take hormones, she ought to use the bottom, only dose taken over the shortest potential time.

Some women don’t want to take estrogen or can’t tolerate taking it. If that is the case, a physician might prescribe different drugs, together with:

  • anti-depressants, corresponding to paroxetine, venlafaxine, or fluoxetine
  • anti-seizure drugs, corresponding to gabapentin
  • clonidine, a medicine used for high blood pressure

However, these medicines aren’t considered as efficient as taking estrogen remedy.

Lifestyle modifications

older lady drinking white  wine
Avoiding alcohol and different triggers recognized to trigger scorching flashes might assist to scale back menopause symptoms.

In addition to prescription drugs, there are lots of way of life modifications that a lady can carry out to scale back her menopause symptoms. These embrace:

  • Avoiding meals recognized to set off scorching flashes, corresponding to spicy meals, alcohol, and these which are scorching in temperature, together with soups, coffee, or tea.
  • Quitting smoking, as smoking cigarettes is related to anti-estrogen exercise, which may worsen a lady’s symptoms.
  • Dressing in layers, so a number of layers could be eliminated if a scorching flash happens.
  • Carrying a water bottle with ice water, which helps to chill the physique when a scorching flash comes on.
  • Keeping a transportable fan close by, and utilizing a ceiling fan to maintain cool when sleeping.
  • Avoiding train instantly earlier than bedtime, which may trigger a better physique temperature that would then make it harder to fall asleep. Exercising earlier within the day is related to higher outcomes.
  • Breathing in a sluggish, deep rhythm when a lady feels a scorching flash could also be approaching. This follow is called paced respiration.

According to Massachusetts General Hospital, it is vital for women in midlife to take care of a wholesome weight early of their menopausal transition, as a way of stopping vasomotor symptoms.

There are many over-the-counter remedies which might be rumored to scale back the consequences of vasomotor symptoms. Examples embrace taking dietary supplements or consuming meals excessive in bioactive isoflavones. These include chemical compounds which are comparable in construction to estrogens and are rumored to exert estrogen-like results on the physique.

Examples embrace soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, and pink clover. However, in line with U.S. Pharmacist, these merchandise haven’t been confirmed to be efficient in decreasing menopausal symptoms.


Women who expertise scorching flashes earlier than their menstrual durations are likely to expertise them for an extended time, about 9-10 years. Women who didn’t have vasomotor symptoms till after menopause are likely to have scorching flashes for a shorter time.

Regardless of when a lady begins having vasomotor symptoms, understanding they will final for a few years is a purpose to hunt remedies, in order to take pleasure in a greater high quality of life.

However, getting extra sleep, and not experiencing nervousness or concern about when she might have one other scorching flash, will help a lady to reside a fuller, extra pleasurable life after menopause.

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