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Under The New Health Care Bill, Rape Could Be A Pre-Existing Condition

House Republicans narrowly passed legislation to repeal and exchange the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, after including $eight billion to the invoice aimed toward reassuring average Republicans nervous about greater prices for individuals with pre-existing circumstances.

But an amendment added to the invoice (after it did not muster sufficient votes the primary go-around) successfully provides states permission to discriminate towards women, opponents say, together with survivors of sexual assault. 

As Gina Scaramella, government director of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, argued in an Op-ed for The Hill, the so-called “MacArthur-Meadows amendment” lets states waive the Obamacare ban on charging larger premiums for women who’ve been raped, for instance — which is a factor that really occurred pre-Obamacare.

“In one widely reported case, a 45-year-old woman met two men at a bar in Florida who bought her a drink. Hours later, she found herself lying by the side of the road with injuries indicating that she had been raped and that the men had spiked her drink. Her doctor prescribed a treatment of anti-viral, post-HIV exposure drugs to protect against HIV transmission,” Scaramella wrote to elucidate what women who have been victims of sexual assault skilled earlier than Obamacare. 

“When the woman lost her health insurance several months after the attack, she was unable to obtain new insurance due to the health care treatment she had received for the assault,” Scarmella wrote. (That case was first reported on by HuffPost’s Investigative Fund.)

Other issues insurers might as soon as once more think about to be pre-existing circumstances? Having had postpartum depression. Being pregnant. Having had a previous C-section. Being a survivor of domestic violence.  

“Prior to the ACA, insurance companies could charge more based on your previous health history, and there were no regulations that defined what could be considered a pre-existing condition, hence the stories about the wide range of reasons that people were given for why they were either being denied coverage, had to wait on when coverage would be available, or charged a higher rate based on their previous health conditions,” Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, Physicians for Reproductive Health advocacy fellow informed HuffPost in an e-mail.

“With the new language, states could opt out of having to adhere to the ACA rule about insurance not being able to deny coverage based on a pre-existing condition, or charge higher rates for those conditions,” she stated.

Women took to social media on Thursday to precise their outrage.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) despatched out a press launch earlier than the vote insisting that the GOP health care invoice doesn’t permit individuals to be denied protection due to a pre-existing situation, however as HuffPost’s Jeff Young points out, insurers can definitely cost individuals extra. And once more, states can search waivers opting out of federal laws meant to guard people with pre-existing circumstances.

What a time to be alive and feminine.

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