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This Woman’s Viral Post About Being a “Bad Mom” Is So Relatable

From Redbook

Australian parenting blogger Constance Hall took to Facebook this weekend to make a confession that anybody who’s had youngsters has in all probability thought at one level or one other. After a youngster therapist advised the 32-year-old author and mom of 4 that she was a good mother or father, Hall stated self-doubt crept in and she or he disagreed.

“Feeling like a total fraud I blurted, ‘I don’t feel like a good mum. The kids are driving me so crazy, I’m losing my temper and falling asleep at night wondering where I’m going got get the patients [sic] for another day.'”

Hall recapped the incident in a Facebook publish, and included the therapist’s response, which Hall hasn’t been capable of overlook.

She stated, “Babies cry, it’s how they communicate. Toddlers scream, children whinge and teenagers complain. Then mums say the words ‘For f**k sake’ under their breath before every responding. It’s how we communicate. But guess what Con? It’s better then silence.”

Hall wrote that the therapist defined that each one the chaos Hall offers with is a sign of a positive and happy home. “A house full of screaming kids and fighting teenagers and a parent who’s being thrown every question and request is a healthy one to me. It’s the silent children, the scared toddlers, the teenagers that don’t come home and the parents who aren’t in communication with their children that I worry about.”

And, Hall write, the therapist completed by saying, “And kids don’t drive you crazy, you were crazy already. That’s why you had them.”

Just like that, Hall wrote, she felt like a good parent once more. Apparently, she wasn’t the one one who wanted the reminder – the photograph has earned 308,000 likes and 145,000 shares on Facebook. Reassured herself, Hall ended her submit with reward for different mother and father: “Deep breaths, you’re doing a good job.”

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