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This Woman Thought She Had a Sunburn But It Turned Out to Be Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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When Jennifer Cordts observed a pink spot that looked like a sunburn on her breast two years in the past, she thought it would be greatest to get a mammogram – simply in case. The check got here again regular, and she or he was advised that the difficulty was she wanted a greater bra, she advised WFAA, a Dallas-Fort Worth information station.

Like any mother with entry to the web, she Googled her signs when the purple spot did not go away. The first end result to come up was IBC, or inflammatory breast most cancers. “Everybody was asleep, and I was terrified,” she informed WFAA.

She went again to her physician for a biopsy and her suspicions have been shortly confirmed: She had stage 4 IBC. When the physician advised her, all she might take into consideration was the truth that her Google search stated nobody survives this type of most cancers.

IBC looks different than other forms of breast most cancers, which is why docs did not catch it with a mammogram. Women with IBC not often by no means develop the stereotypical lump that the majority women with breast most cancers do, Dr. Marleen Meyers, a medical oncologist at NYU’s Perlmutter Cancer Center, told Health. (Meyers has not handled Cordts.)

Although this kind of breast most cancers solely makes up one to 5 % of all breast most cancers diagnoses within the U.S., that does not imply it should not be taken critically. Cordt was given between three and 5 years to reside, and she or he hopes her story may be a warning for different women to educate themselves.

Cordt plans to spend the remainder of her life checking issues off her bucket listing. She’s already gonet o a Celine Dion live performance and brought her daughter to the seashore for the primary time.

“I really want this to educate,” Cordt stated. “I really want someone to go ‘Oh my gosh I have redness in my breast. I better … push past the mammogram and ask for some more tests.'”

For starters, women ought to keep in mind that lumps aren’t the one indicator for breast most cancers. Other symptoms of IBC include pitted or ridged pores and skin, speedy breast progress, breast heaviness or tenderness, or inverted nipples. If you are experiencing any of those signs, go get your self checked out.

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