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This Surprising METAL Might Help You Burn More Fat

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For the research, the workforce of researchers studied mice with a genetic mutation (referred to as Wilson’s illness—additionally present in people) that causes an accumulation of copper within the liver. Their findings: The mice with additional copper of their livers had lower than normal fat levels in comparison with the management group of mice. Meanwhile, the mice with much less copper of their fatty tissues had extra fatty deposits.

“We observed that the extra copper current, the extra fat is broken down and used for power,” says research writer Chris Chang, Ph.D. (Get your fat-burn on with these exercises from Women’s Health’s Look Better Naked DVD!)

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So how does all of it work? Copper principally retains your physique in fat-burning mode when you do completely nothing, says Chang. “We don’t continuously burn fat, especially while at rest, but we’ve found that copper basically blocks the ‘off switch’ for fat burning.” (Sounds like a genius discovery to us.)

The research authors additionally consider a copper deficiency might be linked to weight problems, however extra analysis must be accomplished.

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While the physique doesn’t produce copper naturally, we’d like about 700 micrograms of the metallic every day. The greatest place to get it: meals like leafy greens, beans, mushrooms, shellfish, oysters, nuts, and seeds.

With that stated, don’t go chowing on copper dietary supplements (or sucking on pennies, ew) as a result of an excessive amount of copper may be poisonous. “You really can’t eat too many leafy green veggies, so your best bet is to get copper through a clean diet,” says Chang. #KaleYeah. 

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