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This Mom’s Son Wears Dresses and, Yes, She’s Cool With It

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When photographer Crystal Kells‘ son was born 5 years in the past, she realized that parenting was not solely about love and placing somebody’s wants earlier than your personal, however elevating somebody with respect in the direction of who they’re. That’s why she lets her son, Cian, put on no matter he needs – together with clothes.

“I want my son to grow up knowing he has a voice,” Kells wrote in a recent blog post that includes footage of her son. “Grow up knowing he can do and be anything he wants to be in this world. Grow up having the confidence to express himself. Grow up being able to love himself. So, I made sure I did (and still do) these things for my son.”

In her publish, Kells defined that Cian loves each issues which are thought-about stereotypically for women and for boys. He loves sporting a cape and enjoying superheroes, he loves enjoying automobiles and chopping his hair brief. But he additionally likes to put on garments sometimes made for women, and that is OK together with her. Kells wrote that her son is a boy and he is aware of he is a boy, however this should not impression the garments he wears.

Photo credit score: Kells’ Natural Photography

“We are teaching him that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis,” she wrote. “He doesn’t use his penis to be able to wear a dress, nor does he use his penis to operate the dolls and cars he plays with. His gender does not dictate what he should wear or what he should play with because he does not use his gender to operate or use it. My husband and I are raising him without gender stereotypes.”

Photo credit score: Kells’ Natural Photography

Photo credit score: Kells’ Natural Photography

Her and her husband draw back from educating Cian that sure issues are for women whereas others are for boys. “What difference does it actually make?” she requested.

Kells made some extent of noting that Cian is just not transgender – at the least, not but. “Some days he says he wants to be a girl with a vagina and we simply tell him, ‘When you’re an adult, you can certainly make the decision to change to that if you wish’. He’s 5. He also wants to be a Mermaid and Ironman,” she wrote. “We support our child in whoever they are and look forward to seeing how their gender expression manifests as they age. The most important thing to us is the health and happiness of our son.”

Photo credit score: Kells’ Natural Photography

She determined to share her parenting concepts understanding that she would in all probability obtain backlash (like so many moms do once they publish on-line), and although she does not anticipate everybody to agree together with her, she hopes individuals can respect the truth that her son is completely satisfied.

“What I do expect is not to be treated like I’m abusing my son,” Kells wrote. “What I do expect is for people to see that my son is happy and realize that that is all that matters at the end of the day. Because I became the parent he needs me to be, he has more confidence in his little finger than most adults will ever have in their entire life.”

Because of Cian, she wrote, she isn’t solely the dad or mum he wants her to be, however the father or mother she needs to be. And kudos to that.

Photo credit score: Kells’ Natural Photography

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