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This Is Officially The Fastest Growing Trend In Plastic Surgery

Which is why it’s regarding that requests for labiaplasty – a process that sees the labia minora tucked or sniped so it doesn’t protrude from the labia manora – have skyrocketed over the previous few years. 

In reality, According to The Sun, “designer vaginas” are up 45 per cent, shortly turning into the world’s quickest rising development in beauty surgical procedure.

The purpose? Porn. 

“Ten years ago, the Brazilian and Hollywood waxes weren’t popular, which meant we didn’t really see women’s vaginas up close and personal,” Psychologist Emma Kenney advised the publication. 

“But with the growth of internet porn and the popularity of extreme waxing, we can now see every crease, wrinkle and kink at the click of a button.” 

“Inevitability, the ones that we see online are homogenised – neat and in proportion,” she continued. “This has meant that a whole generation of women are now comparing themselves and feeling like they’re not good enough because their bits might appear too wrinkly or saggy.” 

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But others put the rise right down to performance – like minimising ache and irritation throughout sport, growing pleasure throughout intercourse or after childbirth.

“The increase in the numbers of women seeking it is simply down to the procedure becoming more readily available,” provides the UK’s main labiaplasty skilled Paul Banwell.

And whereas the surgical procedure is deemed protected if carried out by an applicable doctor, there are some regarding health dangers.

“I have colleagues who see women who have chronic vulvar pain after labiaplasty and other cosmetic procedures,” Dorothy Shaw, former head of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada tells Health24.

“Anytime you cut off a piece of tissue, there’s a chance of bleeding of infection and then subsequently of scarring.” 

“When you get scarring… you have a risk of catching nerve endings in that scar tissue which will then cause pain or discomfort going forward.”

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