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Things That Cause Blindness | Women’s Health

You could be stunned to study that blindness has a gender bias. “Most people aren’t aware that two-thirds of people who are blind are women,” says Assumpta Madu, M.D., an ophthalmologist at NYU Langone. “There’s a much larger preponderance to blindness and vision impairment for women compared to men.”

In reality, based on analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago, women are at larger danger for sure sorts of glaucoma, which may trigger blindness. Some specialists assume that is tied to estrogen, however there are different causes women are extra affected by blindness than males, starting from longer lifespans to way of life habits (like sleeping in contacts—two-thirds of contact lens wearers are women, according to the CDC). And whereas some causes for imaginative and prescient loss aren’t preventable—as is the case with retinal detachment, when the light-sensitive tissue that communicates with the optic nerve in your mind detaches from its normal place with none clear provocation—different elements are preventable (or at the very least predictable).

Here’s what you’ll want to find out about why your eyesight could also be in danger.

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