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The Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Lessons

Do you understand how a lot sugar you are actually consuming? In season 17 episode two, Robert Huizenga, M.D., reveals contestant Colby is consuming an astonishing quantity of sugar every day in her drinks alone—a six-pack of soda, three candy iced teas, six glasses of juice, and a sports activities drink. That provides as much as 1.25 kilos of sugar a day and 460 kilos a yr. Seeing the sugar unfold out throughout the working desk was surprising, because it’s typically onerous to detect on vitamin labels.

Added sugar has many various names, like numerous syrups, dextrose, and high-fructose corn syrup,” says Gabbi Berkow, R.D., licensed private coach, and authorized Pilates teacher. “Read ingredient lists rigorously and attempt to keep away from meals with added sugar.” She notes that processed foods usually mix sugar, fats, and salt in quantities designed to mild up the habit circuits in your mind (and subsequently lead you to eat extra after which purchase extra). “Focusing on entire, pure meals like fruits, greens, entire grains, non-fat dairy, lean proteins, and wholesome fat—and limiting processed meals and added sugar—is your greatest guess,” she says. 

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