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Strongest You Success Stories – Girls Gone Strong

You understand how a lot we love and are pleased with our Strongest You Coaching Program right here at Girls Gone Strong. But, guess what? It’s actually not what we assume or say about it that issues.

It’s what our individuals and alumni shout from the rooftops about their expertise inside — and because of — our program!

Meet a number of of the women whose lives proceed to vary due to the Strongest You Coaching Program! This is only a handful of tons of of women who’re taking cost of their health, vitamin, mindset, and life – for themselves!

They have discovered methods to let health improve their lives as an alternative of turning into their lives. They have healed their relationships with meals and their our bodies. They have found out tips on how to eat and train in a method they take pleasure in to allow them to maintain it for a lifetime. And, one of many easiest issues? They have related with the opposite women of their group and altered their perspective on their relationships with the women of their lives.

Share in celebrating their success as you tune into their tales under!

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“I think this program has done a lot to shape the way I view and interact with other women, especially when it comes to working out!…As soon as I had this opportunity to be in this group atmosphere that’s very supportive and encouraging…it definitely shifted how I would look at and talk with other women.”
— Julie


“I was in a really sad place before the coaching program, where for the first time I didn’t trust my body, I didn’t like it…Even my doctor said to me on my last visit, ‘You seem happier.’ And I said, ‘I think I am!’”
— Sarah


“Girls Gone Strong is absolutely a lifestyle, not a trend. The exercises I do are out of joy, not a punishment, which changes it completely…I would absolutely recommend this coaching program to other women!”
— Lisa


“Lots of programs and diet plans tout to be lifestyle change. But Strongest You Coaching is actually the real deal and leaves you with a clear set of tools for getting on with your life…some programs tout you’ll be free from the diets, but this is actually freedom from diets and getting off the roller coaster for good!”
— Gwen


“I admire myself in the mirror now…I would absolutely recommend this program because the approach the Girls Gone Strong takes with it…they really work with you one-on-one…so they can help you fit in exercise and diet in a way that isn’t going to take over your world.”
— Molli


“I just wanted more confidence, and wanted to really feel good both physically and mentally…I’ve gained a ton of strength and definition in my muscles…I’ve changed, and I’m more of a happy person, I’m more of a confident person.”
— Bridgett


“I had never deadlifted a day in my life before…I just hit a new personal record of 225 pounds! This is really good for people of all experience levels…The habits that you pick up are life-long!”
— Diana


“A really big part of it is mindset, because more than anything I feel like Jen wanted us to really be confident in ourselves…I could do most things comfortably, but now being more confident, if someone’s like ‘Can you help me move?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I can help you move!’ because I can lift ALL the boxes now!”
— Andrea



“Any and all women are a good fit for this coaching program. I tend to not seek out help, and I think I can do it all on my own… I can figure out solutions to my own problems. And I finally allowed myself to get the help that I did need. It’s miraculous, really.”
— Megan

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Keep studying under to to see extra of what women in Strongest You Coaching have stated about their experiences:

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