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Should I Get My Tubes Tied?

If you understand you are undoubtedly executed having infants, otherwise you aren’t fascinated by having any within the first place, by no means having to consider birth control once more may give you a way of freedom. That’s why bilateral tubal ligation, also referred to as “getting your tubes tied,” is the preferred type of birth control amongst married couples.

The process might be finished any time, together with within the hospital proper after you’ve got a baby. The physician makes a small minimize in your abdomen after which cuts and seals off each of your Fallopian tubes by chopping, typing, banding or clamping them so your associate’s sperm cannot meet up together with your eggs.

Sounds easy, proper? Before you tie the Fallopian knot, take a second to think about if that is the most effective technique for you.

The Pros

It lasts eternally. Though there are different long-lasting types of feminine birth control, reminiscent of implants (which final three years) and IUDs (which final 5 to 10 years), tubal sterilization is the one one that’s everlasting.

It works! You may overlook to take a birth control pill, however as soon as your tubes are tied, there is no probability of human error. It’s some of the efficient types of birth control obtainable — outdoors of not having intercourse.

Traditional “tube tying” has low charges of unintentional pregnancy. Fewer than 5 women in 1,000 get pregnant the primary yr, and perhaps 2 women in 100 will get pregnant over 10 years.

It does not have an effect on your hormones. Unlike birth control methods such because the capsule and the shot, tubal ligation does not change the degrees of estrogen and progesterone flowing by way of your physique. You’ll nonetheless get your interval, and it will not have an effect on your temper or sex drive.

The Cons

It lasts eternally. For the identical purpose so many women love tubal ligation, it is a technique you must think about provided that you are 100% positive you do not need to get pregnant once more. This is particularly true for women underneath 30, who’ve the very best fee of post-surgery remorse, says Eve Espey, MD, a professor of OB/GYN on the University of New Mexico. “Things happen in life that you don’t anticipate, and a 35-year-old may not be the same woman she was in her 20s.”


It’s very costly to reverse. Yes, you can change your thoughts later. Surgery can re-open your tubes, however the success fee is dependent upon your age and the way a lot of the tube was left over after the unique surgical procedure. Insurance not often covers the fee, Espey says, so women typically skip it and go straight to in vitro fertilization (IVF), which additionally prices a number of hundreds of dollars per try.

There is a few danger. Though tubal ligation is a protected process and problems are extraordinarily uncommon, they do typically occur. Most typically, it is an unintentional damage to the bowel, bladder, or arteries.

Plus, there’s nonetheless a really small danger of getting pregnant. And there is a larger probability that, if it does occur, the being pregnant will probably be ectopic, which means the fertilized egg implants someplace aside from the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy can turn out to be life-threatening, and you will want remedy as quickly as you discover out about it.

You nonetheless have to play it protected. One factor tubal ligation cannot do is shield you from STDs, together with HIV. Unless you are in a monogamous relationship and you have each been examined, you will want to guard your self each time you might have intercourse. Use a barrier technique, comparable to a condom.

What Else to Think About

Recovery time. When you might have the process accomplished with a C-section, you will not discover any additional pain or restoration time. After a vaginal delivery, your stomach can be sore across the reduce made through the surgical procedure. Be positive to speak to your OB about your plans properly earlier than your due date.

If you are not having a child, you will want slightly down time. Your physician will pump some air into your stomach so she will see your organs higher. The bloating may have a day or two to go away afterward, which might be uncomfortable. And you could need to take it straightforward and keep away from lifting heavy issues for the subsequent week.

“The ideal timing would be to schedule the surgery for a Friday, so you can rest for a couple of days and then go back to work on Monday,” says Vanessa Cullins, MD. She’s the vice chairman of exterior medical affairs for Planned Parenthood.

Cost. The surgical procedure is totally coated by means of Medicaid, though you do have to signal consent types at the least 30 days prematurely. With personal insurance, the worth tag could be anyplace between nothing and $6,000, relying in your plan.


Other Options

If you are wavering even somewhat bit, think about using one other long-term, reversible technique similar to an IUD till you are completely positive. Or ask your companion to get a vasectomy. “It’s a safer procedure with a lower failure rate,” Cullins says, “and it gives the man a chance to take responsibility for preventing pregnancy.”



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