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Sen. Susan Collins reacts to lack of women in healthcare bill working group

Maine Sen. Susan Collins isn’t an element of the Senate Republican healthcare working group regardless of being the co-author of her personal healthcare reform bill, and she or he says it’s as a result of Senate leaders needed a unique group of individuals.

“Well, the leaders obviously chose the people they want,” she stated Sundayon ABC, “but I’m working hard with Sen. [Bill] Cassidy, with our co-sponsors … we’re reaching out to moderate Democrats. I would like to see us put together a bipartisan group to solve this challenge.”

Questions have been raised throughout Washington when Collins and different centrist Republican women senators weren’t included in the GOP’s working group for healthcare reform. Instead, 13 male senators make up the whole thing of the group. Collins and Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican who can also be not on the working group, provided up their very own reform bill earlier this yr.

Collins is one of the Republican senators who’re already towards the House-passed American Health Care Act, which she says will not even get a foothold in the Senate. There are too many issues with the House bill— together with not having an unbiased evaluation of current amendments that led to passage via the House — for her to help taking it up in the Senate.

She stated the House bill does not take note of revenue ranges or geographic location when it comes to tax credit and does not do sufficient to fight dangerous selections that might be made by state governments.

“So much discretion is given to the states without any guardrails,” she stated on ABC’s “This Week.”

Instead, the Senate will write their very own bill that solves the “legitimate flaws” in the Affordable Care Act whereas increasing on the regulation’s successes.

“The Senate is going to start from scratch,” she stated. “We’re going to draft our own bill and I’m convinced we’re going to take the time to do it right.”

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