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Roller skating is my new favourite.

Moving back to Austin has required a shifting of mindset.

A remembering of ooh sure, summer time is once we convey motion indoors in contrast to our time in Oakland.

This summer time we’ve executed lottsa free artistic stuff (indoor obstacle courses, duct tape hopscotch grids and so forth.) however, ultimately, it was time to pry open the pockets.

Trampoline parks.  Bowling. Indoor mini-golf. Rock walls.

Finally I needed to face the very fact curler rink was our last choice.

The youngster had been begging. I wasn’t excited.  I’m uncoordinated.

Even 30 years in the past once I skated weekly I merely rocked the fundamentals.

No tips. No fancy backward skate whereas concurrently googly-eyed throughout couples skate. Forward motion solely.

image-1 My skating years. Confidence much?!

It’s not skating particularly, both. I’m usually, general NOT athletic.

I’m so wobbly throughout sporty endeavors that, whereas the Child might deem me her safe person, even she is aware of by no means to cling to my hand or we’ll each go down.

I’m OK with that. My self-definition does NOT embrace the phrase athlete. Life is my sport.

I’m not OK sufficient with it sufficient, nevertheless, to take a seat on the sidelines once we went to the curler rink.

I used to be terrified.

I joked (extra fact stated in jest alert!) how I feared I’d break a hip.

playland skate center

skates on. nonetheless contemplating bailing.

I did it.

And I didn’t lace up & skate for *her* (she resembled the image under more often than not.) — I did it for me.

playland skate center austin

I fell (as soon as). I boogied (twice). I laughed (underwater tea party chuckle!). I wasn’t excellent.

I fell in love with it.

I fell in love primarily as a result of I hadn’t felt so proud of myself in an extended, very long time.

four explanation why curler skating is my new fave PLAYout:

  • I’m horrible.  The Child can see see how not good I’m.  It supplies me alternative to practice what I long to preach close to making an attempt new issues: it doesn’t matter if we aren’t nice at one thing instantly once we’re having enjoyable.
  • It’s my operating…or so I hope. I’ve all the time been jealous of how runners merely open the door and GO! Sure, I do the same with walking, however I’d longed to shake it up a bit.  My ‘hood is hilly but I’m plotting a course the place it’s “not so” and hope as soon as the warmth breaks my expertise are prepared!


I purchased a pair for house use!

  • It’s good for me blather blather. Quite frankly, this is not my motivation.  Skating is nice cardio. Skating is mild to the joints. Skating is a fab decrease physique exercise.  My love of the skate goes far deeper than that–however there is *that* when you care.


my native rink *tries* to make me care.

  • It’s shifting meditation. I want I possessed phrases to convey how highly effective this is.  Walking still works but the extra I breath-walk the extra simply Ive develop into distracted by my surroundings.  The sheer motion of skating is meditative to me and I think about this can solely improve the extra my wobbling decreases.

And actually?

That’s it.

No name to motion.

No query of the day.

All me, my skates and a profound want I had ‘Oprah money’ as you then’d all possess sneaker skates as properly.


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