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Real men share the funniest misconceptions they had about vaginas while growing up

In India, saying the phrase vagina itself is like taking the identify of ‘Lord Voldemort’ in ‘Harry Potter’. And when individuals don’t even say the phrase, overlook about discussing it and issues associated to it like menstruation, and so forth. which then results in an entire lot of misconceptions about the topic in the heads of people that don’t have one- men. We requested a number of actual men about the misconceptions they had about the vagina and the solutions have been hilarious. Take a glance.

Suraj says, ‘I had no concept that the feminine gender peed and had intercourse with totally different cavities down there. It was solely later in the bio class that I acquired to know the actual factor. ‘

Vishal says, ‘Since I hadn’t seen an actual vagina I used to assume that a vagina appears precisely like what it appears in the biology textbooks. Yes! With the ovaries and the whole lot. I might marvel how women hid their difficult wanting personal elements so simply.’

Gaurav says, ‘While growing up, I knew that kids come out from a woman’s personal elements however I all the time questioned about the measurement of the opening- the vagina. Looking at the sizes of infants round me, I solely thought that women’s personal elements’ openings would virtually be of the measurement of the child’s circumference. That used to scare the hell out of me. It’s solely a lot later I received to know that a vagina stretches to turn out to be that huge and later contracts.

Navin says, ‘Mine is a bit bizarre but I legit used to think that way. I used to think that women are born with penises like us. It’s solely later that it’s eliminated by the docs. I’ve no rationalization for this however that is what I used to assume.’

Udit says, ‘I used to think that women have genitals like us but they could conveniently insert it whenever they wanted to and hence never had a bulge like us. I used to hate the fact that I wasn’t in a position to try this.’

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