MERIDIAN – Two women’s health clinics are headed for a authorized battle over alleged actions outdoors of their places in Meridian.

Planned Parenthood is suing Stanton Health Care, claiming that Stanton staff and volunteers have been harassing Planned Parenthood sufferers and staff.      

“Patients have the right to seek health care that they choose to seek and are not and should not be approached in their vehicle by people who are trying to dissuade them from going into a Planned Parenthood health center,” Rebecca Poedy, chief working officer of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands, stated.

Poedy stated this has been happening for the previous yr. She stated Stanton has had their cellular RV clinic within the parking zone of the enterprise improvement the place the Meridian Planned Parenthood clinic is situated.

Stanton has additionally bought property in the identical improvement to construct its personal clinic. Poedy stated that’s nice, however the issue is the parking zone is taken into account widespread space within the enterprise improvement, and stated Stanton is violating the principles.

“If Brandi Swindell [founder and CEO of Stanton Health Care] wants to operate her crisis pregnancy centers legally like the rest of us have done, she needs to build her building and conduct business out of her building,” Poedy said. “But parking the RV in the parking area and having volunteers and staff protesting and sort of standing in the parking lot with signs and approaching patients and communicating with staff is considered harassment.”

Swindell denies any harassment has taken place, saying that sort of conduct just isn’t tolerated.

“Planned Parenthood is making these false accusations that we’re someway intimidating women,” Swindell stated. “Who? When? Where? Name one situation. In their lawsuit, they don’t even list any example.of any type of situation of intimidation or harassment.”

She stated the lawsuit doesn’t even say it’s Stanton immediately harassing Planned Parenthood sufferers and staff, that it cites different individuals invited by Stanton.

The lawsuit reads partially, “certain individuals, believed to be invitees of Defendant, have been present on common area, not within the limited purposes related to the operation of the business center, but rather to protest, harass plaintiff’s staff and patients, or to promote services offered by defendant’s parked van/mobile home.”

Swindell stated Stanton doesn’t permit any of that, even when it strains up with its pro-life beliefs.

“We have very strict insurance policies on who might be on our property, we’ve got very strict insurance policies on code of conduct,” she stated. “In fact, we have a very strict policy that the team on our mobile don’t even go out and interact with the women.”

Swindell stated Planned Parenthood is definitely proscribing Stanton.

“To have Stanton Health Care out there, a reputable, life-affirming nonprofit clinic that doesn’t charge for any of our services that’s simply there and accessible if women so choose to come to our center, if women choose not to get an abortion, well Planned parenthood is losing business and they make it very clear in this lawsuit that they see us as a competitor, and that’s what this is about.”

Poedy stated this lawsuit has nothing to do with making an attempt to cease Stanton Health Care from doing enterprise.

“At Planned Parenthood, our goal and what we work to achieve every day is to simply make sure that women and families receive high-quality care they need,” she stated. “In a safe, respectful environment, in a non-threatening environment and patient care is making sure women and teens have safe compassionate care.”

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