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OSF Holy Family, WCHD, YMCA team up for women’s health event – News – The Register-Mail

MONMOUTH — As a part of Women’s Health Month, OSF HealthCare Holy Family Medical Center, the Warren County Health Department, and the Warren County YMCA teamed up for an informative event Saturday morning at 1st Street Armoury. Numerous stations introduced info on topics like stroke and smoking cessation, sleep depravation, breast health and dental care. At one station, OSF offered free blood strain screenings for attendees. It was the second such annual event headed by OSF.

At one station, OSF Holy Family Director of Cardiopulmonary/Sleep Patty Baltisberger mentioned the significance of getting enough sleep.

“People don’t realize the impact sleep has on health,” Baltisberger stated. “It can have an effect on blood pressure, it can cause diabetes, and (affect) your internal organs.”

She recommends individuals not use electronics proper earlier than mattress, because the emitted blue mild from these units can wake the mind. She additionally recommends maintaining the bed room temperature under 67 levels at night time and having a pleasing perfume within the room. She provides that visiting a physician is vital if issues persist.

At one other station, Carl Sandburg College nursing scholar Blake King mentioned the warning indicators of a stroke utilizing the FAST acronym (face, arms, speech and time). Because a stroke shuts down the muscle mass on one aspect of the physique, an imminent stroke may be detected if an individual notices an asymmetrical smile, if one arm doesn’t carry as excessive as the opposite, or if speech is slurred. The time facet of the acronym was additionally defined by King.

“There are only certain medications you can use within a (a certain time) window (of having a stroke),” King stated. “It’s important to act fast.”

OSF’s Melissa Bushong highlighted the need of breast examinations.

“One in eight women are affected by breast cancer in their lifetime,” Bushong stated. “Earliest detection is the best protection. You want to do self-breast exams once a month, you want to have an annual mammogram after the age of 40. We have a breast model that has lumps in it. If the women want they can feel what it’s like and that might help them identify lumps in their own breasts.”

Warren County Health Department Administrator Jenna Link underscored the significance of dental health and the way dental issues can have an effect on the remainder of the physique.

“There’s a strong link between oral care and heart disease so it’s important to keep your teeth clean,” Link stated. “People don’t realize the link between oral health care and the rest of health.”

OSF HealthCare Holy Family CEO and President Patricia Luker stated after a profitable event this yr, it was necessary to proceed to maintain the feminine inhabitants of Monmouth knowledgeable.

“Women put family and work and a lot of things first,” Luker stated. “We wanted to highlight women’s health and give people knowledge to protect themselves … and make Monmouth a healthier community.”

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