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One Grandma Did WHAT About a Lice Outbreak!?

Fed up with lice outbreaks? Would you contemplate hiring a hit man for revenge!? One Florida grandmother allegedly did simply that.

The lady was reportedly charged with conspiracy to commit homicide after it was claimed that she tried to rent a contract killer to murder her granddaughter’s boyfriend. She was apparently outraged after he supposedly gave head lice to her grandchildren.

Watch: The Lowdown on Lice

“That’s not what we learned in medical school,” about curing a lice outbreak, says Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. “That’s a little severe!”

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that, talking of lice, 24 U.S. states now have had outbreaks of “super lice” – the bugs are immune to the normal lice-control remedies. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman has expertise with these and says, “It was a nightmare!” It took high-heat purposes to the top to lastly eliminate them. “It’s not right to pop somebody for this, but you really do feel helpless and hopeless and angry.”

Watch: A Look at Lice

Dr. Stork reminds everybody that whenever you contract lice, “It has nothing to do with hygiene.”

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