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National Women’s Health Week

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) – Checkups
The week of May 15 marks the eighteenth annual National Women’s Health Week, every week aimed toward empowering women throughout the nation to make their health a precedence.

With busy schedules, it is very important keep in mind to maintain our our bodies. The largest factor is getting common checkups and screenings.

Dr. Rochelle Christensen of Rapid City OB/GYN recommends getting pap smears from age 21 to 65 to display for cervical most cancers.

Starting at age 30, an HPV check must be completed each three to five years. Mammograms ought to start at age 40 to display for breast most cancers and colonoscopies at 50 to display for colon most cancers.

At age 65, she recommends a DEXA scan which seems for osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Symptoms and Warning Signs
One of probably the most frequent issues OB/GYNs encounter is bleeding abnormalities. There is an issue is a woman begins bleeding earlier than age eight or has but to bleed by age 16.

In their reproductive age, women ought to have a menses, or interval, each month however it shouldn’t be too heavy and there shouldn’t be bleeding between menses. In the post-menopausal women there should not be any bleeding in any respect.

If you expertise any abnormalities deliver them up together with your OB/GYN as quickly as potential.

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