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Mom Charged by Hospital for Delivering Baby in Parking Lot

Should a brand new mother be charged for delivering her baby if she by no means made it contained in the hospital? One mother was billed for a full in hospital supply and she or he’s now telling her story to The Doctors.

Paula gave birth to her daughter in the back of her car in the hearth lane at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Her husband was able to catch the baby as nurses rushed to assist with the remainder of the supply. Much to the brand new mother’s shock, she was despatched a invoice for over $7,000 for full supply charges.

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“I was definitely very shocked. I laughed. I figured it was a billing mistake since [my daughter] was born in my husband’s car in the fire lane outside the hospital,” she tells The Doctors about receiving the invoice. “I did call the billing department and they put my file on review twice and went through a grievance process and I got letters saying everything was billed appropriately.”

The Doctors assume there might be some type of center floor decision between Paula and the hospital as she acquired some providers, however not full supply providers. She says that a future assembly with the hospital has been arrange.

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A spokesperson for Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Thomas Chakurda – Vice President of Marketing, launched a press release to The Doctors relating to the matter.

“Boca Raton Regional Hospital has reviewed the matter, understands the concerns of this patient, and has previously attempted to resolve the outstanding balance concerns with the patient. Unfortunately the system of healthcare reimbursement is complex, our contracts with insurance carriers reflect a per case rate, and the statement of billed charges do not actually reflect the patient’s responsibility after contractual adjustments are made to the account. The hospital appropriately bills for the medical services and care it provides and has determined that the level of care provided and billing were appropriate in this instance. We take all of Mrs. D’Amore’s concerns seriously and are willing to review them further. Rather than comment on any particular issue, we plan to meet directly with her and address all of her concerns,” the hospital’s assertion reads.

This incident serves as a reminder that everybody ought to rigorously examine their medical payments as errors can happen.

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