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Letter: Priest responds on relationship between contraception, women’s health | Letters to the Editor


Mr. John W. Doyle just lately responded to my letter, “What does contraception have to do with healthcare?” Mr. Doyle unwittingly answered my query by failing to level out one single connection between contraception and healthcare. Instead, his letter is an advert hominem critique, the place he shamelessly and ignorantly assaults the Catholic Church’s educating on synthetic contraception and its apply of priestly celibacy, neither of which had something to do with my unique argument.

Now, let’s try to use our God-given purpose as soon as extra: Sexual exercise is nearly all the time a free selection. I do know that is very troublesome to consider, however opposite to cultural opinion, you shouldn’t have to interact in sexual relations in life. Priestly celibacy demonstrates that. Furthermore, why ought to a spiritual group that’s opposed to synthetic contraception have to pay for it when an individual freely chooses to use contraception for their very own private causes? I by no means stated, and even implied, that the Church ought to come into Kroger and take all the contraceptives away so individuals can’t purchase them. People are free to make their very own ethical (good or misguided) selections in life, but that doesn’t imply we ought to be pressured to pay for his or her freely made (and non-compulsory) selections. The use of synthetic contraception is an optionally available selection, not a health necessity or requirement. It’s fairly totally different than if somebody wants treatment to hold their ldl cholesterol down. That is a health necessity. A free selection to artificially inhibit conception isn’t a health necessity.

Finally, as a result of Mr. Doyle ignorantly attacked priestly celibacy, I’ll reply briefly. I don’t anticipate somebody who seemingly equates human sexuality to animal mating intuition to comprehend what self-sacrificial love is, however that’s exactly what priestly celibacy is all about: giving oneself utterly to his individuals in order that they could have the pleasure of Christ of their lives. God bless and Happy New Year.

The Rev. Fr. Brian J. Crenwelge

Associate Rector of the Basilica of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart


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