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Keyhole surgery for women’s health

Not many women know of the supply of laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

This was emphasised in a easy survey of all the feminine drug representatives who visited me, the place I discovered that only a few of those usually well-informed women had heard of laparoscopic surgery.

Most of them requested how circumstances reminiscent of a fibroid or endometriosis might be handled with any such surgery.

The commonest questions I get from feminine sufferers are: “How can you remove a large fibroid through a small incision?” and “I was told by my doctor that laparoscopic surgery is not as thorough as traditional laparotomy”.

If surgery has been really helpful to you, it’s all the time advisable to go for a second opinion as there’s all the time room for options.

As a affected person, you’ll have further perception into your situation and the medical choices obtainable to deal with that situation.

Most vital through the session is the dialog you’ve together with your gynaecologist in your considerations.

Laparoscopy is minimally-invasive surgery, often carried out utilizing three to 4 small incisions and involving using a small digital camera that’s inserted by way of one of many incisions to permit a surgeon to see clearly contained in the physique.

The space being operated on is enlarged on a video display, permitting the surgeon to obviously view the surgical space.

The process requires a lot smaller incisions than are utilized in conventional open gynaecological surgical procedures.

Due to the small incisions, the surgical wounds heal quick and sufferers expertise little or no postoperative ache.

There are additionally solely small scars left on the stomach. The probabilities of wound an infection are low and bleeding throughout laparoscopic surgery can also be minimal.

The primary rules of laparoscopic surgery.

For many gynaecological procedures, similar to removing of an ectopic being pregnant or remedy of endometriosis or ovarian cystectomy, laparoscopy has grow to be the remedy of selection.

Compared with laparotomy, a number of research have proven that laparoscopy is the inexpensive choice resulting from a shorter hospital keep and a shorter restoration time.

The benefits of the laparoscopic strategy over different procedures, together with hysterectomy, sacrocolpopexy, and the staging and remedy of gynaecologic cancers, proceed to broaden.

Upon my suggestion of the process, the subsequent query I often get is on the security of laparoscopic surgery compared to conventional laparotomy.

This will depend upon the experience and expertise of the physician.

While problems might happen in each open laparotomy and laparoscopic surgical procedures, an important facet is that the performing surgeon can diagnose and proper the problems instantly.

Over the years, laparoscopic methods have additionally continued to evolve, primarily because of technological advances.

In addition to raised cameras and devices, know-how has resulted within the improvement of 3D laparoscopy, and extra just lately, single incision laparoscopy, the place the surgery is carried out with only a single incision within the umbilicus.

This development is cosmetically advantageous as a result of the incision is made within the “hidden” umbilicus.

These strategies can be found and at present getting used right here in Malaysia.

However, solely 5% of gynaecological circumstances are being handled in Malaysia by way of the laparoscopic route.

Due to the lack of knowledge, we’re far behind different Asian nations comparable to Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, the place greater than 50% of benign gynaecological illnesses are carried out laparoscopically.

keyhole surgery

The several types of fibroid.

With all the advantages tied to the process, women ought to take cost of their medical care by educating themselves about laparoscopic surgery.

At some level in life, a few of us could also be required to undergo surgery.

It is all the time one thing that requires quite a lot of thought and consideration because it includes some discomfort, danger and disruption to at least one’s life.

Begin your personal therapeutic and restoration from surgery by taking cost of the choices that have to be made.

Dr S. Selva is a marketing consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, and the writer of Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynaecology and Common Diseases in Women.

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