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Juice Plus: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

We all might use somewhat assist when it comes to getting sufficient fruits and veggies, proper? Taking a capsule and even consuming sweet that provides you the advantages of fruits and veggies sounds too good to be true, however that’s precisely what Juice Plus+ claims to supply. Is it a dream come true or only a bunch of hype? Here’s my tackle Juice Plus+ dietary supplements.

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What is Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ is an organization that sells encapsulated fruit and vegetable powders and different packaged vitamin merchandise by way of digital franchise house owners. They make the declare that their fruit and vegetable capsules are “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables,” as a result of they “add the nutrition of 30 fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet.”

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Juice Plus+ provides you “whole food based nutrition in a capsule.” They don’t declare to be a alternative for recent fruit and veggies, nor a drugs, remedy, or multivitamin, simply an addition to a nutritious diet that gives extra vitamins and antioxidants than different vitamin dietary supplements. There’s loads of emphasis positioned on the concept that these capsules are “whole food nutrition,” so let’s check out the “whole” components in Juice Plus+ Garden Blend Capsules:

Vegetable juice powder and pulp from carrots, parsley, beets. kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and tomato; gelatin, lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase, beet fiber, barley bran, oat bran, cabbage fiber, glucomannan, plant cellulose, dried plant fiber, lactobacillus acidophilus, vegetable-derived magnesium stearate, anthocyanins, allicin, lycopene, polyphenol catechins, Dunaliella salina (algae), and indole carbinols.

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The solely “whole” factor about that ingredient record is the listing of greens which were juiced to take away pure fiber, then dehydrated right into a powder – and that’s a stretch. The quantity of precise greens you possibly can match right into a small capsule is so minimal that this may increasingly as nicely be some other vitamin that accommodates a number of antioxidant compounds. What’s extra, these antioxidant compounds that may be present in fruits and veggies (anthocyanins, lycopene, polyphenol catechins, and so on) are artificial and added into the Juice Plus+ capsules as separate components, somewhat than coming from the fruits and veggies themselves.

So, Juice Plus+ will not be as “whole” as they’d such as you to consider, however is there nonetheless some worth to taking these dietary supplements, “whole food based” or not?

What Nutrients are in Juice Plus?

Here’s what you’d get from taking 2 capsules of the Garden Blend and a couple of capsules of the Orchard Blend every day (which is the really helpful routine from Juice Plus+):

Nutrient %RDI
Vitamin A 97%
Vitamin C 215%
Vitamin E 73%
Folate 79%

Yep – that’s it. The combo of Garden Blend and Orchard Blend capsules units you again $44.99 per 30 days, whereas supplying vital quantities of simply four nutritional vitamins and minerals. If the capsules have been “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables,” you’d positive anticipate them to have extra of the vitamins truly present in fruit and veggies, proper? The antioxidant and polyphenol content material is supposedly what makes Juice Plus+ higher than different multivitamins, however keep in mind, these don’t truly come from the fruits and veggies – they’re remoted additions to the capsules!

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Now we all know that the fruit and vegetable content material in the capsules is minimal, the antioxidants don’t truly come from these vegatables and fruits, and the capsules solely present four vital nutritional vitamins and minerals at a steep worth. Juice Plus+ positive doesn’t appear to be the entire food-based hero it makes itself out to be, however does analysis again up their hype?

What Research Says About Juice Plus+

On the Juice Plus+ web site, there’s an entire page devoted to sharing the analysis research particularly involving their merchandise, and even a section with research revealed in medical and scientific journals. That’s fairly spectacular, however take a better look and also you’ll discover that a lot of this analysis is funded by Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ can’t essentially affect the outcomes of research, however it may well forestall research that don’t favor their product from ever being revealed or getting anyplace close to their web site, so take the analysis they supply with a (big) grain of salt, as a result of it is probably not the full image.

For instance, a 2003 study prompt that 6 weeks of Juice Plus+ Supplementation considerably lowered homocysteine, a lovely end result, since excessive homocysteine is a danger issue for heart problems. The research doesn’t point out whether or not comparable outcomes have been achieved by way of elevated  entire fruit and vegetable consumption, and didn’t check that variable (doubtless as a result of Juice Plus+ funded the research). However, another study discovered that a multivitamin complement aside from Juice Plus+ truly produced extra vital decreases in homocysteine ranges in simply 15 days, and yet another study discovered that switching from a low-folate weight-reduction plan to a eating regimen excessive in folate-rich fruit and veggies for five weeks decreased homocysteine ranges greater than the Juice Plus+ 6 week trial.

Many extra Juice Plus+ research share this sample of displaying constructive outcomes with out contemplating different choices, together with consuming entire fruit and veggies!

Should You Try Juice Plus+?

In brief: no. If you’re on the lookout for a multivitamin however need to maintain it all-natural and whole-food based mostly, Juice Plus+ comes up brief. If your busy way of life has you lacking out on fruit and veggie servings, don’t rely on the minimal quantity of dried, juiced produce in Juice Plus+ to make up the distinction. Even although there’s some analysis displaying constructive outcomes of Juice Plus+ supplementation, it’s virtually solely funded by Juice Plus+ and disregards comparable or much more efficient choices. 

My recommendation? Stick to actual meals and vegatables and fruits of their precise entire type. There’s no encapsulated shortcut for actual meals, so consuming actual fruit and veggies is the greatest means to reap all their advantages!


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