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JillFit:Never Apologize for Leveling Up

The model spankin’ new #MetconMonster Challenge is underway, and hundreds of women are sharing their exercises and sweaty selfies on Instagram (if you wish to get the free exercises, you’ll be able to seize them right here).

And inevitably yearly that I do my annual free August health accountability problem, the identical insecurities and mindset wrestle comes up: “I feel weird sharing my workouts because it feels like bragging.”

I begin to see plenty of gals preempting their posts to their followers (household and associates): “Sorry guys, you are going to have to endure my annoying post-workout selfies this month because I am doing a workout challenge with @jillfit where we have to log our workouts every day.”

Now I get it. I completely do. And I might have felt the very same means earlier than I, properly, began placing my whole life on-line, lol.

But it’s been so lengthy since I’ve been nervous about how my posting on-line is acquired by others (even household and associates who’re typically the trickiest), that I FORGOT that it may be delicate for some. But I liked the reminder as a result of it provides us all a chance to discover what’s happening right here.

So, a couple of issues:

You are collaborating within the #MetconMonster since you need to elevate your exercise recreation and also you need to be constant and attempt for extra. THIS kind of dedication requires we put ourselves on the hook. Like Seth Godin says, “Opportunities come from being on the hook.”

Commitment is horrifying. Having others watch us is horrifying. Playing at a bigger level is scary. Accountability is horrifying!

Not solely can we worry perhaps not finishing the problem (“How embarrassing!”), however we’re additionally afraid of what others may consider us:

Will I annoy individuals?

Will they get sick of seeing me understanding day after day?

Will they take offense to my posts and unfollow me?

And worst of all … am I bragging???


I really like this dialog.

And a lot of those (regular) fears come from working at a selected degree for so lengthy – working in a preventative versus a proactive, inclusive means.

In my annual Best of You enterprise teaching mentorship, we frequently speak about permitting the chips to fall when it comes to how you’re perceived on-line. Especially when you’ve a private model enterprise and are sharing your character, your wishes, fears, successes and struggles. It feels actually uncovered.

And in a method, throughout this #MetconMonster, you, too, have gotten your personal model ambassador. You are sharing who you’re, what you do and hey, how superb and highly effective you’re, too! You have gotten a strolling billboard for your badassery.

And how that’s perceived isn’t controllable by you.


But it looks like apologizing for being “annoying” preempts their unfavorable response—like, it exhibits that you’re self-aware and in on the joke.

Except … what if as an alternative of making an attempt to preempt any unfavorable, we simply assumed that the majority would as an alternative truly like seeing the posts day by day and perhaps even really feel motivated themselves to hitch in?



That’s a tremendous alternative and never one thing to cover behind!

Never apologize for leveling up.

And if somebody is irritated or does unfollow, then … may we simply take the “So What” Approach?

How might you will have prevented it? Not achieved the problem. Skipped it. Opted out of the chance to place your self on the hook (sure, publicly) and continued to play small and scared?

Now, there’s nothing fallacious with not sharing—to every their very own—however in the event you discover that you simply need to and also you need to become involved, don’t let your negativity bias (the pure human tendency to think about the worst) hold you from leaping in.

This community of near 5000 women wants you!

Gimme these check-ins!

And when you end up doubting or worrying about how you’re being perceived, keep in mind that your solely obligation is to your self, and we will by no means EVER dream of controlling how we’re perceived by others.

If somebody feels threatened by your present of dedication or finds it to be bragging, then likelihood is it’s hitting some type of insecurity set off for them (I feel all of us relate, even!), which is unlucky, but in addition not your job to handle or forestall.

Showcasing your wins (and struggles) and dedication isn’t bragging. It’s a reality. It’s a factual illustration of what you’re presently doing. It’s the interpretation of that undeniable fact that we need to attempt to management.

But we will’t as a result of … “Trying to make everyone happy, besides being impossible, is the surest way to make yourself miserable.” -Tim Ferriss

Don’t be afraid to be an instance.

Don’t be afraid to ditch the low vibes.

Don’t be scared to publicly commit.

Don’t be afraid of the accountability.

Just present up. Do your greatest, after which let the chips fall when it comes to how that’s perceived. Let’s go, we obtained shit to do! 😉

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