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Jen Gunter Writes Vagina Op-Ed In New York Times

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“I know that many other women have had their vaginas explained to them, because for the past 25 years my career has been dedicated to treating vaginal and vulvar problems,” she writes. “I have listened to women with completely normal exams weep that they have been told that they do not smell or taste correctly. That they are too wet, or too loose, or too gross.”

Gunter discusses how when she just lately wrote a weblog submit about how she dumped a person for making an attempt to “shame me about my healthy vagina,” the publish obtained picked up by the New York Post with the title: “My boyfriend dumped me because of my vagina smell.” That’s when, she says, males beginning trolling her on her weblog and social media and giving her recommendation about the way to prep hers correctly for the enjoyment of males. “The state of my wholesome vagina introduced extra scorn from males than something I’ve ever written about—and I write about second-trimester abortions, so that’s saying one thing,” she writes.


Your physique can do superb issues. This video is proof:

“To the women who have been told they were too wet, too dry, too messy, too smelly, too gross, too saggy or too bloody, I have heard you,” she writes. And then she comes again with this lovely little bit of physique positivity: “If someone speaks to you about your body with anything but kindness and concern, it is he who has a problem.”

She urges the mansplainers to both “listen and learn” or maintain their shaming to themselves, including, “The period through which males can disgrace women for his or her completely wholesome vaginas is now coming to an finish,” Gunter says. We positive hope so.

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