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Is your period pain regular?

Whether it’s the stomach pain that troubles you for days or a light ache, we are not any stranger to menstrual cramps. But earlier than you’re taking as a right that it’s regular period pain, there are a few issues it is best to know first. We spoke to gynaecologist Dr Arundhati Dhar to inform you if the period pain you expertise is regular.

Mild menstrual cramps

If you endure from delicate cramps that may be handled OTC painkillers, it’s in all probability nothing worrisome. Body chemical compounds referred to as prostaglandins set off uterine contractions that result in the pain and discomfort. Anti-inflammatory drugs tame the pain by concentrating on the prostaglandins. Also, learn this earlier than popping a painkiller for menstrual pain. 

Pain and strain within the pelvis

If you expertise pain and a sense of average strain within the pelvis in any respect time, fibroids might be the potential wrongdoer. If you will have fibroids, your durations might last more than 7 days or the circulate could also be so heavy that you could be want to vary your pad in each one to 2 hours.

Severe decrease stomach pain and pain in again and thighs

Endometriosis sometimes results in killer decrease stomach pain and typically and typically pain within the again and thighs. While an OTC pain killer may also help scale back the pain, a heavy menstrual move accompanied with decrease stomach and again pain could be a vital signal of this situation. Make positive you meet an appointment with your gynaecologist in the event you discover these signs.

Pelvic pain accompanied with fever and painful urination

If your pelvic pain persists for days accompanied by fever and painful urination, it might be an indication of pelvic inflammatory illness (PID). PID is often a results of gonorrhoea and untreated chlamydia. So in the event you endure from any of those signs, it’s essential that you simply make an emergency appointment with your physician. Here’s how one can beat menstrual cramps and pain with yoga. 

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