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Is the pain due to endometriosis or is it regular period pain? Read to know!

We have a tendency to diagnose a situation based mostly on the signs that we’ve got. However, one such situation that is most troublesome to diagnose based mostly on signs is endometriosis. Even in the event that they expertise the signs of endometriosis, it is troublesome to know whether or not it is period pain or pain due to endometriosis. Dr Anagha Karkhanis, Gynecologist, Co-founder of Cocoon Fertility, Thane sheds mild on how pain due to endometriosis is totally different from pain during times.

During periods, you often expertise pain in the decrease stomach, which often subsides inside a day or two. However, when you endure from endometriosis, you then may really feel a deep pain, identical to the issues that you’ve throughout an intercourse. This is as a result of, the endometrial cells which might be current in the bowel, rectum, bladder and pelvic cavity additionally begin to bleed when you have got a period. So when the microscopic bleeding occurs, you may endure from pain and general congested feeling. Also examine is your period pain normal?

Unlike pain during times, pain due to endometriosis begins one week earlier than your period in the decrease stomach pain. The endometriosis in the pelvic cavity can lead to scarring or adhesions (band of tissues that join to different organs). It also can have an effect on the gut and ovary forming an adhesion. It is extra about pain in several elements of the stomach, pain throughout intercourse and pain solely on one aspect of the stomach, which is not the case with menstruation. Most women don’t have any signs in any respect, which makes it troublesome to diagnose the situation. As pain is the main symptom of endometriosis, pain throughout bowel motion, passing urine, blood in the urine or bowel, extreme stomach pain, must be advised to a physician. You may like to examine abdominal pain in women – when should you worry?

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