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Is Botox Addictive and a Gateway to Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Botox is probably the most extensively used beauty process on the market and within the final decade the variety of individuals utilizing it had elevated by a whopping 750 % – however are individuals addicted to the versatile injection?

Dana Berkowitz, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Louisiana State University and writer of “Botox Nation,” joins The Doctors to weigh in on the Botox obsession and work out whether it is a gateway beauty process.

While interviewing individuals and doing analysis for her ebook, Dana discovered that due to Botox being short-term as quickly as sufferers started to really feel its results put on off, they felt compelled to return to their dermatologist for additional injections. People she interviewed referred to the injections as a “quick fix” and one other stated she was “crack-like” when it got here to her Botox. Dana feels that the injections function a gateway to getting different work executed together with fillers and much more invasive surgical procedures.

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She explains additional the motivation behind her analysis and e-book telling The Doctors, “As women, we’re already informed to wear makeup, dye our gray hair, rely energy, remove all of our body hair and now we’re being informed to paralyze our facial wrinkles virtually earlier than they even exist and I’m arguing that that is creating this lifetime consumption.” Dana stresses that she doesn’t really feel that getting Botox is both good or dangerous, however she worries that with so many individuals getting injections that there are a lot of people that find yourself wanting the identical.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon feels that Botox on a common foundation is not any totally different than the act of getting your hair or nails achieved. Dr. Ordon does admit the age of these getting the injections is youthful and youthful.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra provides, “If you are doing it for the right reasons, not when you are 16, but when you notice something in your face… and you have a minimally invasive tool to fix it, why wouldn’t you use the technology?”

Where do you stand on Botox? Are too many individuals getting it too typically and at too younger of an age?

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