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Is All Men and Women’s Healthcare Created Equal?: Letter to the Editor

We consider that each one males are created equal, in our Founding Fathers’ phrases. Then does that imply that each one individuals’s healthcare can also be “equal?” I requested this once I discovered that Sen. McCain’s eye surgical procedure, to deal with a blood clot, is stopping the Senate vote on Trumpcare. One man’s health can shut down the political juggernaut! Wow, They actually need his vote. 

Trumpcare will depart 22,000,000 uninsured. What if a type of individuals will get an eye fixed clot? Do they go blind or bleed to demise with out care? Why is the senator’s healthcare deemed essential and 22,000,000 individuals’s welfare does not matter? Aren’t all of us equal?

I hope when Sen. McCain recovers and can see properly once more that he has a realization comparable to St. Paul’s at Damascus. In the Bible, Paul was struck blind by God, who advised him to cease killing Christians. As a pacesetter, Sen McCain wants this epiphany after his sickness: that the Senate’s job is to cease Trumpcare which is a punitive plan, probably killing many. The Senate’s job is to serve, not persecute, the American individuals.

Elise Panehal,


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