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Ingrown Pubic Hair: How To Prevent Them

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Technically, any sort of hair removing—whether or not it is waxing, sugaring, or shaving—may end up in ingrown hairs. However, it is most certainly to be a problem with shaving since “shaving causes the tips of hairs to become sharp, which can prevent them from properly growing out of the skin,” Shah says.

The greatest solution to maintain your bikini line freed from ugly ingrowns is to go away your pubes in peace, however for those who should take away them, listed here are Shah’s methods for nixing these suckers as soon as and for all.

Your physique is definitely fairly rattling superior—this is proof:


“Use a washcloth to wash the area for a few minutes with warm water and a mild cleanser,” says Shah. Buffing the world with mild round motions will assist to dislodge any budding ingrowns and prep your pores and skin for a shave. (We additionally like this natural body brush from the Women’s Health Boutique to assist exfoliate and buff your pores and skin!)

In The Shower

When you lather up, ensure you use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel for delicate pores and skin—your woman bits are valuable items. When it involves the razor, make certain it is sharp, says Shah (you may need to use a brand new blade for one of the best shave). “Shave in the direction of hair growth without applying too much pressure,” she says.


After toweling off, Shah recommends making use of an OTC hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacy to the world to assist forestall ingrowns from popping up. You also needs to take it straightforward within the bed room, she says. “Avoid friction to the area 48 hours after hair removal. For example, no sex immediately after shaving.” Your naked bikini line will thanks.

If you are doing all this stuff and nonetheless fighting loads of ingrowns, you could simply be extra susceptible to getting them. In this case, Shah recommends wanting into laser hair removing and electrolysis, that are each extra everlasting hair removing methods, as various choices.

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