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I’m Taking A Break Of Sorts From Facebook

At the start of 2017 amidst the whirlwind that was the election, I obtained right into a considerably heated dialogue on my private Facebook web page. I used to be so annoyed with the whole dialogue that I ended up deactivating my Facebook account for some time simply to flee what felt like an more and more unfavourable place.

I liked the break.

I loved the break a lot in order that I didn’t need to get again on Facebook, but on the similar time I actually missed the platform. I missed seeing what my *actual life* pals have been doing. I missed the connection I felt from it.

I reactivated my account and determined to solely approve pal requests from individuals who I truly knew in actual life. You is perhaps considering – nicely duh – doesn’t everybody solely approve individuals they know on their private Facebook web page. Well perhaps…however perhaps not…I’ve nearly met lots of people within the eight+ years I’ve been running a blog…so it appeared utterly regular for me to have tons of of pals on my web page who I had by no means met earlier than.

What the heated dialogue made me understand is that I actually worth having a private area that has nothing to do with Mile Posts or operating for that matter and I had utterly misplaced that on all platforms on-line. I assumed I might create what I needed with a personal instagram account and a totally personal Facebook – however that didn’t occur and that’s OK.

I like social media, I take pleasure in running a blog, I considerably like what is taken into account over sharing on the web. I wrongly assumed that as a result of I like the web world I might create the area I used to be craving right here – I can’t. I can nevertheless create that area offline. Once upon a time within the not so distant previous offline was all there was, so it’s not a revolutionary concept to create what you need away from any pc or keyboard.

When I first got here again to Facebook after my break I used to be cautious how I used to be utilizing it. I felt hyper conscious of how a lot time I used to be losing and the way straightforward it was to get sucked in to scrolling and liking for hours. That consciousness lasted for some time, till once more I turned considerably hooked on checking in to see what everybody else was as much as. It turned a strategy to distract myself. A distraction I each love and despise.

I’ve BIG-for-me skilled and life objectives for 2018. I do know I gained’t obtain half of them if I don’t provide you with a strategy to be extra intentional with the time I’ve. Life is brief – I need to make the time I’ve left significant. 

Photo: Leg #2 of a triathlon of a “different kind” whereas in Kona with Gatorade Endurance. AKA among the best weekends of 2017. Yes that’s Luke McKenzie!!

So whereas I can’t eliminate social media completely I can reduce down on the place I’m reacting as an alternative of making and for me that’s my private Facebook web page. So….I’ve determined to deactivate my private Facebook web page for the month of January after which re-evaluate when the month is up. Some may contemplate my break dishonest – since I nonetheless have a friendlesss Facebook profile that I’ll use to handle Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal and the I Run This Body running group. But that is MY break – so I get to make MY guidelines wink.

Another factor I’m taking a break from in January is alcohol….

I’m presently on day 24 as a result of I needed to go in to 2018 feeling REALLY good…’ll be able to learn extra about that under! I’d love so that you can be a part of me and others for the month and see what we will accomplish when we’ve got no wasted pun meant days in January!!


Not long ago I wrote on the chalkboard in my office this question ➡️ WHAT CAN CHANGE IN 30 DAYS? 🌟 I was feeling ick and desperately wanted to feel good again. I knew a change was in order. •2017 was literally one of the best, if not THE best, years of my life. I traveled to – Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, the Outer Banks, Raleigh, Chicago, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Vancouver, Kona, New York, Vegas, and back to Chicago. I basically ran, drank and ate my way through the year and it was AWESOME 🔥 but there is always a tipping point of excess – a point where it stops being fun – a point where it’s no longer adding to your life – a point where it starts to take away. When I got home from my sister’s wedding 19 days ago I knew the answer to my question. What can change in 30 days!? EVERYTHING. Think about it. ❤️ Truth be told I have zero regrets about 2017 but I’m also hella excited for 2018 to arrive! I have new-to-me running goals and a whole host of life goals. ❤️ 19 days ago I also decided it was time to take a break from drinking for a bit – to focus on goals and feeling good again….AND it’s working. I’m sharing this with you because I’ve been overwhelmed with messages from people saying that you too want to make a change & that cutting out drinking for awhile might be it. If that’s you – join me in January for Dry January! I’m going to try to help keep you accountable while also keeping myself accountable. You can be doing this for any reason – I’m not here to ask you your why or judge you in any way. I’m just here to be a voice to encourage you and to hopefully motivate you❤️ I believe we are stronger together. Last winter I took a break from drinking for 88 days & I’m telling you it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I know 💯% that 2017 was one of the best years of my life because I started it off with a clear head! I had plenty of time to focus on what I wanted out of MY year & how I was going to go about achieving that. I want that for you!! ❤️ 19 days of change & I feel happy & strong AF. Some of the changes show on the outside which is cool but the ones that really matter – I feel on the inside ❤️ #irunthisbody #makemoderationsexy

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