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How to create a Fitness Mission Statement.

my form of fitness.

I consider within the power of intention.

I look to my vision board as supply of motivation and inspiration.

I flip to my gratitude board as reminder of all I’ve.

At lengthy final I’ve launched a manifestation journal.

I’ve a personal mission statement.

I’ve revamped my weblog’s mission assertion.

I possess a rigorously crafted spiritual mission statement.

The Child and I created a household mission assertion.

The older I get, nevertheless, it’s clear none of the above work if I’m not concurrently healthy-in-body.

If I don’t concurrently have a health mission assertion.


round right here #wycwyc works.

Confession: I’ve uncared for my Fitness Mission Statement.

I’m not busy — it merely hasn’t been a priority.

I knew I might stay (comparatively) match by advantage of my day-to-day responsibilities. I coasted on the very fact my life was active enough I didn’t need to make time to “identify my why” and create a plan.

Spoiler alert: I desperately want a plan.

Lately, as an alternative of gratitude for bursts of fitness in my day, I lengthy for clear intention with regards to wholesome dwelling.

A return to having a mission assertion.

What is a Fitness Mission Statement?

A Fitness Mission assertion is a declaration of function. It’s a solution to the questions Why are we right here? What’s the purpose? written with the backdrop of what you value in life.

A Fitness Mission Statement accommodates phrases with motion objectives. Phrases that are quantifiable not obscure.

A Fitness Mission Statement (like all aspects of healthy living) requires trial & error. Crafting one could be sluggish, however the result’s one thing which motivates/evokes *each time* it’s learn.

Is a Fitness Mission Statement my exercise routine?

A Fitness Mission Statement is not an train plan. Nowhere in your assertion do you commit to X race on Y day or plan to shed X kilos by Y date.

Fitness Mission Statements assist plan routines to obtain objectives. The F.M.S. is the umbrella beneath which we place our specifics (objectives/packages).

A press release may learn: To reside a lengthy, lively, wholesome life extolling the power of play and practicing what I preach. From there one would select strategy/activity for achievement.

A properly written assertion supplies clues to reply the query: What strategy to wholesome dwelling ought to I choose? Are your objectives endurance? Does your assertion point out flexibility? Do you favor to give attention to gaining power/energy?

How to craft a Fitness Mission assertion?

  • Be temporary. Mine is eight phrases. You may create an acronym. Others write sentences. Learn what works greatest for you and maintain it clear and concise. Start by brainstorming phrases which describe how you want to transfer your physique and the way you are feeling whenever you achieve this.
  • Identify focus (e.g: management, improved general health, elevated power). Consider/outline who you aspire to be within the health realm of your life. A lean, imply machine? A more calm, centered you? A role model? A coach? Be particular.
  • Be constructive. Do not embrace belongings you dislike about your self. Seize unfavorable urges/ideas (I hate my fats thighs and abdomen) and switch them inside out (CrossFit will give me the leg muscle tissues I want).
  • Include how wholesome habits/behaviors will influence relationships. Through the practice of yoga I’ll launch stress extra simply. This will assist me handle work strain and relationship dynamics.
  • Create a assertion which is in concord with private mission assertion in case you have one (I will walk consistently and as a end result be extra affected person, decrease my blood strain and be more and more current all through my day). Be sure all values are in alignment.

The subsequent step is to begin designing and be patient.

For me creating a assertion required writing, putting away/waiting, rereading/tweaking and solely after that did I expertise a Yes! This is it!! second.

I’d crafted a phrase so ‘right’ it energizes me on days I’d rather slack than workout.


F.M.S. evokes on days when I look like this.

Now you:

  • Do you’ve gotten a Fitness Mission Statement?
  • If not, what may your 2018 Fitness Mission Statement say?

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