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How to Clean Makeup Brushes Naturally (Without Chemicals)

My favorite cream blush, and most of the gadgets in my pure make-up routine apply greatest with a brush. Keeping these brushes clear nevertheless is nearly as necessary to me as selecting non-toxic make-up.

Cleaning make-up brushes isn’t often the very first thing on our to-do lists…if it’s ever on there in any respect. Yet, statistically, brushes can harbor all forms of unsavory micro organism that you simply don’t need to push again into your pores.

Thankfully, these pure methods to clear make-up brushes make it easy and straightforward to get the job finished.

Why Clean Makeup Brushes?

With so many different issues happening in our lives, it may be straightforward to overlook (or not even take into consideration) cleansing up our make-up instruments. However, make-up brushes can degrade extra shortly in the event that they’re not stored clear and maintained. For those that are investing in pricier, top quality brushes, it makes monetary sense to maintain them for so long as attainable. I’ve an expensive set of brushes since I don’t put on plenty of make-up that always, however I nonetheless need to hold them in fine condition in order that they’ll final a very long time!

Makeup residue builds up within the brushes, reducing their efficiency and shortening the lifetime of the comb. It also can forestall them from distributing powders correctly. If I’m going to go to the difficulty of placing make-up on, I don’t need to do a sub-par job due to a unclean brush.

Protecting the Skin

Dirty brushes can even trigger breakouts and pores and skin irritation. Oil, filth and micro organism acquire on the bristles over time, that are then brushed on the pores and skin. Research exhibits that a soiled make-up brush can clog pores and lead to pores and skin irritation. In excessive instances, individuals have reported getting staph infections and pinkeye from micro organism on make-up brushes.

Cleaning make-up brushes could also be virtually as necessary as washing your face from a bacterial perspective!

How Often Should Makeup Brushes be Cleaned?

Who knew there could possibly be a lot controversy about one thing as simple as cleansing make-up brushes!

Some specialists advocate washing after each use, whereas others say it’s okay to slide by on as soon as a month. It actually is determined by how typically make-up is utilized, what number of merchandise are used, and what the make-up routine is.

I attempt to clear mine each week or two since I’m the one one who makes use of them and this appears to work greatest for me.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

There appear to be two fundamental camps when it comes to cleansing make-up brushes. One makes use of cleaning soap and rinses with water, whereas the opposite simply washes in an alcohol based mostly answer.

Supposedly the cleaning soap and water technique can typically depart behind a smelly brush if not dried appropriately. However, which will even be as a result of artificial make-up is getting used. If you need a super-simple choice, I’ve discovered that unscented baby mild liquid castile soap works fairly nicely so long as the brushes dry shortly.

Some alcohol based mostly cleaners depend on some components I don’t really feel snug utilizing although, and I’m unsure how efficient they’d be if the poisonous elements have been changed.

This make-up brush cleaner recipe makes use of pure castile cleaning soap to break up the filth and grease that accumulates. The alcohol is of course disinfectant, and it additionally makes the answer dry quicker. I’ve additionally added oil to the mix to hold bristles smooth and conditioned.

Clean + Disinfect

There are two steps to really getting make-up brushes clear: cleansing off filth and oil and disinfecting to take away micro organism. My recipe under is my go-to for undertaking each of those. If your brushes are actually soiled or haven’t been cleaned shortly I’d recommend a further first step:

Rub a small quantity of heat olive or almond oil into the comb to assist dissolve any oil clinging to the bristles. Then, rub a pure cleaning soap (like this one) into the bristles to dissolve the oil. This helps deep clear the comb however doesn’t disinfect it, so then I nonetheless use the comb cleaner recipe to disinfect…

Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner Ingredients

  1. Pour all the components, besides the water, into the glass bottle. Swirl the combination to mix all the things.
  2. Add the distilled water to the bottle till it’s virtually full, leaving about ½ inch of headspace. Shake nicely to mix.
  3. If you set the combination in a glass spray bottle (like this one), this combination can be utilized to spritz and rinse brushes after every use for a neater clear.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Instructions

  1. Shake the cleaner properly, and pour a small quantity of it right into a small bowl.
  2. Swirl a make-up brush within the combination, gently pushing it throughout the underside to clear. If cleansing a number of brushes, begin with the cleanest feeling one first, then work up to the dirtiest. The cleansing answer may have to be modified between brushes although.
  3. Rinse the comb underneath operating water, then gently squeeze the bristles to take away nearly all of the water.
  4. Lay the comb flat on a clear towel and air dry.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t prop the brushes up to dry, because the water can drip into the glue on the deal with.
  • The brushes shouldn’t be soaked, as this will degrade the glue and loosen the bristles.
  • Since this brush cleansing answer is usually water, it gained’t have a really lengthy shelf life.

If the recipe above doesn’t fairly reduce it on your brushes when it comes to deep cleansing, then there’s a easy answer. A pure dish wash cleaning soap can be utilized on notably cussed greasy brushes.

TIP: Deep Clean for Greasy Makeup Brushes

For actually greasy brushes, you could want somewhat bit stronger of a way like this one:

  1. Apply a number of drops of natural dish soap (or Sal Suds) to the palm.
  2. Gently rub the comb bristles into the cleaning soap and throughout the palm of the hand.
  3. Keep rubbing as the comb is put underneath operating water and rinse the comb till the water runs clear.
  4. Avoid getting water the place the bristles join to the deal with, since this will degrade the glue.
  5. Lay the comb flat on a clear towel to dry.

Hopefully this technique will make your make-up brush cleansing routine somewhat bit simpler, and more healthy too!

How typically do you clear your make-up brushes? Is there a system that works properly for you? Share under!


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