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How Half Their Size Winners Stay on Track

Half Their Size’s Christina Jordan, Ashley O’Reilly and Lindita Halimi misplaced almost 400 lbs. complete, however they’re nonetheless as motivated as ever.

“If you’re struggling with your weight, don’t worry, you got this,” says Jordan, a mother-of-three who misplaced over 130 lbs. and is now a nutritionist. “If I can do it, you can do it too.” Adds O’Reilly, a university scholar who dropped over 130 lbs. on Nutrisystem: “This is a choice you make. I’ve made this choice and I’m never going back … Never give up, my friends.”

In the clip, The Doctors star Dr. Travis Stork additionally weighs in on the women’s health and health routines and shares a few of his favourite ideas.

Commenting on Halimi’s efforts to get to the health club each day regardless of a grueling schedule,  Dr. Stork says, “The best time of the day is when you can make it … and it doesn’t always have to be the gym, [you can find another] activity.”

When making an attempt to reduce weight, Dr. Stork emphasizes understanding just isn’t as necessary because the meals you’re consuming. “If you can do something active for 30 minutes everyday, that’s probably the ideal for losing weight.”

But after you do sweat it out on the health club, Dr. Stork advises replenishing carbs and protein with a wholesome snack after about 30 minutes to an hour.  Halimi, who misplaced 130 lbs.,  chooses a salmon and eggs scramble – a fantastic choice says Dr. Stork.

As for school scholar, O’Reilly – who has maintained her weight reduction whereas at college – Dr. Stork admits staying on monitor isn’t straightforward, given the peer pressures of late-night pizza consuming.  “In college, you have to become an independent pioneer,” he says. Dr. Stork suggests discovering pals with a like-minded strategy and maintaining a stash of wholesome snacks on hand.

For extra on Jordan, O’Reilly and Halimi, take a look at PEOPLE’s particular collector’s version difficulty: Half Their Size: The Ultimate Get Fit Guide.

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