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Hope or Hype: Delicious Beauty Trends!

The following materials incorporates mature material. Viewer discretion is suggested.

Chocolate is fabulous on strawberries, ice cream, cookies … and on our our bodies too!? Reality TV stars Natalie and Olivia from “WAGS L.A.” volunteer to attempt a classy chocolate therapeutic massage at Creative Chakra, then weigh in on different edible foodie beauty treatments.

“The obvious question here is, is it edible?” asks Natalie – and the reply sure! The natural therapeutic massage components embrace coconut, coconut butter, and cacao powder. First, they get a bit of sound remedy, after which the chocolate goes on.

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“It’s very nourishing for your skin,” their masseuse assures them. “That was nice!” concludes Natalie. “Oh yeah, baby!” says Olivia says.

“Everything was so relaxing,” Natalie says afterward. “The cocoa butter and the chocolate on your skin was higher than any therapeutic massage I’ve ever had.”

Dermatologist Dr. Sonya Batra explains, “Massage is great for the digestive system, great for the lymphatic system. But the idea with this is that with chocolate we’re talking about flavenols that are supposed to be antioxidants. Did you notice a difference with your skin?”

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“All I noticed was that it was very relaxing and my skin felt phenomenal,” says Natalie.

Dr. Batra says, “I’ve to say from a medical standpoint, that is full hype. You in all probability had a great massage, super-relaxing. But I’m simply unsure that what they’re touting it as helps your pores and skin.”

Next up – sake baths. Natalie has tried a sake-infused tub product and she or he’s a fan. “It was phenomenal! It really did make my skin feel soft, and it wasn’t greasy or weird,” she says. Dr. Batra explains that the idea of a sake tub originated in Japan, when it was observed that staff who produced the fermented rice wine product had pretty clean arms.

“It’s a great source amino acids and it has something called kojic acid, which is a lightening ingredient for the skin,” Dr. Batra provides – and her verdict is hope as sake has lightening, exfoliating, and moisturizing properties.

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