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Hairstyles That Damage Your Hair

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Choosing Heavy Extensions And Weaves

Add-ons to your hair, like extensions and weaves, add additional weight to your hair. Choose types which might be too heavy, and your hair will come out, says Sims. That’s as a result of the load of extensions and braids may cause main stress and tensions to your hair, resulting in breakage. “If you’re wearing a weave and it’s too tight, or you leave it in for longer than the recommended four to six weeks, that can potentially cause damage and take your hair out as well,” Sims provides. Your hair wants time to breathe freely in between these heavy, product-heavy types. If not, it could actually probably develop weak and break off. 

Protect your hair with this DIY hair moisturizer:

Blow Drying Wet Hair 

Even one thing so simple as a blowout can mess together with your hair if completed incorrectly. “Hair just isn’t that strong, especially if it’s highlighted and or color treated,” says Peter Butler, hairstylist to Emma Stone and Claire Danes. “Trying to blow dry very wet hair with a brush is a form of hair torture, since your hair is only so elastic. If it is pulled and pulled with any kind of brush from wet to dry, you have the strongest chance of snapping the hair from heat and exertion,” he says.

A good way to stop breakage right here is to ensure you take away extra water earlier than styling. “Towel dry your hair first and then take the dryer and hand dry your hair, removing the most moisture first,” says Butler. “This frees up the natural texture and makes it easier to section and blow out with the brush.” This technique truly helps you blow-dry your hair quicker, says Butler—a win-win, in our ebook! (You may also add quantity with this fabulous, all-natural shampoo from the Women’s Health Boutique!)

Using The Wrong Hair Ties

Ponytails—particularly the elastic that you simply use—can even result in breakage, says Butler. “Using tight elastics that aren’t cloth covered or rubber bands to tie up your ponytail and then pulling them out will definitely tear out hair,” he says. “Repeat this and also you get extra breakage.”

Avoid rubber bands and go for hair ties like invisbobble ($eight, or fabric-covered hair ties in order that the hair simply slides off and doesn’t get caught within the elastic. “I like Blaxx ($7 for eight, snag- free elastics” says Butler. “They slide off the ponytail.”

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Using Heat Styling Tools All The Time 

“Repeated use of heat-styling tools over time can destabilize the structure of hair, causing it to weaken and slip and eventually break off,” says Butler. This applies to any fashion that requires flat irons, curling irons, scorching combs, and naturally blow dryers. Womp womp.

Thankfully, you don’t need to throw out your instruments to guard your tresses. Instead, take preventative measures to strengthen your hair towards warmth injury. Butler recommends utilizing a hair remedy with keratin, comparable to Schwartzkopf GLISS Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask ($6, You can even attempt maintaining issues pure together with your styling to provide your hair a break from the warmth, says Sims. “A twist up – or sleeping in braids overnight and unraveling them—is really beautiful too,” says Sims. 

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