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Fitness Blogger Hasn’t Shaved Legs In Over A Year

She addressed being teased for having physique hair, however added, “There’s more in life than this physical body. There’s more to it than this outer appearance. I just want to be comfortable in myself.”

Morgan advised Vice in June that her selection was principally associated to how inconvenient it’s to shave on a regular basis, but in addition as a result of she needs to push again towards cultural norms.

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“I stopped shaving because it was an inconvenience,” she stated. “It’s pointless. I feel like it’s an act of submission to the male-dominated culture we live in. I want to mindfully make decisions for myself, and make choices that serve my purpose. Shaving my legs makes me feel powerless.”

Your physique can do superb issues—this is proof:

As for the recommendation she’d supply different individuals, Morgan said: “I just want you to know that self-confidence is your super power. You can be immune to criticism by being fearless. Practice acceptance; for others and yourself.”

Morgan is a component of a bigger development of women embracing their physique hair. Body-confidence activist Harnaam Kaur advised Women’s Health that after years of being bullied for her physique and facial hair (a symptom of her PCOS), she determined to embrace it. “I decided to put all of my energy into living, and it was very liberating,” she stated. Major props to those women for dwelling their fact.

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