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Fibroids: Avoiding the big cut



UTERINE fibroids are in all probability one among the most talked about women’s health subjects. Most of us know somebody who has or has had fibroids sooner or later. It’s even stated that about three-quarters of women in Jamaica could have fibroids sooner or later of their lives.

Fibroids differ tremendously in measurement starting from pea-sized to the big breadfruit-sized ones. They can exist as a single fibroid, or as a mess of tumours. The most I’ve recorded eradicating from a single operation is a whopping 62!

Even although fibroids will not be cancerous, they will trigger horrible signs together with heavy durations, painful durations, problem passing stool, frequent or troublesome urination, problem getting pregnant, and even injury kidneys. Some can develop so giant that women might look like 9 months pregnant.

Luckily, fewer than half of the women who’ve fibroids expertise any problems from them. Treatment is subsequently often given solely to those that have issues with fibroids.

The greatest strategy to rid your self of fibroid-related issues is surgical procedure; often eradicating the womb solely or eradicating the fibroids and leaving the womb intact. But what of women who aren’t prepared for surgical procedure? What choices have they got?

The reply depends upon the place the fibroids are, what number of, and the way big. So have a dialogue together with your gynaecologist to find out what’s greatest for you.


Symptom remedy

This includes giving painkillers to scale back cramps, and hormone tablets or injections to scale back heavy bleeding. This works so long as you’re on the medicine. Once you cease, the ache and bleeding will resume


Shrinking them

There are drugs out there right here in Jamaica that we will use to scale back the fibroid measurement. This in flip leads to much less ache and bleeding. What’s the catch? The drugs are costly and have a tendency to have extra unwanted side effects than common hormone drugs and painkillers. Also, the shrinkage is not everlasting. Usually inside a yr of stopping the treatment the fibroids will begin to develop again. It’s a superb choice for women who’re close to menopause or as a short lived measure when you wait to get surgical procedure carried out.


Minimally invasive surgical procedure

Yes, that is surgical procedure, however not the conventional surgical procedure involving a big cut and 4 to 6 weeks’ sick depart. If the fibroid is small and situated on the inside the womb, then hysteroscopy can be utilized to take away it. Here the operation is completed via the vagina and cervix utilizing cameras and tiny devices, thus avoiding all cuts, and you may often go residence the similar or the subsequent day.

Some of those embrace vaginal hysterectomy, which includes eradicating the womb via the vagina. Again this leaves no scars on the stomach and you may often go house the following day; and laparoscopy, one other viable choice. It can help vaginal hysterectomy in women with earlier surgical procedure, or it may be used to take away fibroids alone. With this technique you’re left with solely barely seen tiny scars the measurement of a fingernail, and you may go house the following day.

If you’re having signs that could possibly be associated to fibroids, get them checked out as quickly as potential. Don’t wait till it is extreme earlier than looking for assist.


Dr Ryan Halsall is a gynaecologist at Island Laparoscopy. To schedule a session ship e-mail to or name 876-455-4527. Facebook Page —

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