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Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy Definitely Have the Sweetest Love Story In Hollywood

From Woman’s Day

Felicity Huffman was so fearful of dedication that she and William H. Macy dated off and on for 15 years earlier than she took his proposals critically.

“I was so scared of marriage that I thought I would’ve preferred to step in front of a bus,” she informed Tribune News in 2015.

Huffman, 54, and Macy, 67, met in the early 1980s at New York City’s Atlantic Theater Company. For her, it was love at first sight.

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The pair bonded over their love of acting-“It’s the only language that we have,” Macy advised Closer Weeklyhowever as Huffman recollects, she needed to speak him into courting.

“I went on a campaign. He was certainly worth it,” she informed Daily Mail.

They turned a pair however took issues slowly. Macy requested Huffman to marry him a number of occasions over the years, however the actress, whose personal mother and father divorced when she was a child, was reluctant. She fearful that she’d lose her id in marriage. “I thought I’d disappear. Men’s stock when they get married goes up. Women’s stock goes down,” she has stated.

“Men’s stock when they get married goes up. Women’s stock goes down.”

After a breakup that lasted almost 5 years, adopted by yet one more proposal, Huffman knew she could not say no. “I was finally smart enough to go: ‘I’m going to marry this guy or really lose him for good,'” she defined.

“It was the work I had to do in order to bring myself to the marriage and then the work that I did to be able to trust another person and see what comes out of that comfort and that safety,” Huffman continued. “I was able to blossom out of that.”

The pair tied the knot on Sept. 6, 1997 and had their first baby, daughter Sophia Grace, three years later. In 2002, they welcomed their second daughter, Georgia Grace.

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As their relationship has blossomed over their years, so have their careers-definitely no coincidence. The two are one another’s skilled help community, studying scripts collectively and sometimes working collectively on numerous TV and movie tasks.

“I love to act with Bill,” Huffman gushed to Closer Weekly earlier this yr. “You know how if you play a sport with someone who is better than you, your game will improve? It’s true with acting as well.”

“Sometimes we go away. We find a hotel, and we just get away for a weekend.”

In 2009, they turned the second couple to obtain Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on the similar day. (The first was producers Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler Donner in 2008.)

When they came upon they have been each nominated for Emmys in 2016, every advised the different they weren’t going to win. “Then we gave each other a kiss!” Huffman revealed with amusing. (For the report, they have been each proper.)

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Their work lives are so wrapped up of their private lives, actually, the pair used to have a rule: no speaking store in mattress. “There were a lot of times where he’d go, ‘I have an idea for that,’ and I’d go, ‘Hang on!’ And we’d get out of bed and we’d talk about it,” Huffman advised HuffPo. “Now it’s fine. Now we’re too old to get out of bed.”

What else do the quirky couple, who’re no strangers to horseplay and PDA on the red carpet, do to maintain the romance alive?

“Sometimes we go away. We find a hotel, and we just get away for a weekend,” Macy informed Closer Weekly.

They prioritize time collectively in smaller methods too. “Once a week we do sit down and make sure we take half an hour…just to talk, with no crosstalk,” Huffman advised HuffPo. “I talk, then you talk. You kind of just deeply check in with the other person. When you have 15 minutes to talk…you kind of actually see what’s going on with the other person without any talk-back.”

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Huffman has stated she likes to “do anything” together with her husband; a few of their favourite shared pastimes embrace operating, studying, and consuming at the Los Angeles restaurant Pizzeria Mozza on date nights.

And, simply to guarantee the remainder of us that they’re a traditional married couple, Huffman shared a number of of the methods they get on one another’s nerves throughout a 2015 interview with Ellen DeGeneres: She has a nasty behavior of leaving the lids off of containers, and he typically leaves the home with her automotive keys in his pocket. “I’m like, ‘What? I guess we’re all taking an Uber to school,'” Huffman joked.

These days, Huffman says marrying “Bill” (as she calls Macy) is the best thing she ever did, and even credit him for her ageless attractiveness. When requested about her private fountain of youth, Huffman informed Entertainment Tonight, “I don’t know, probably being married to William H. Macy!”

The couple celebrated their 20th wedding ceremony anniversary on September 6, and Huffman took to Instagram with a candy publish, writing: “You took me home in 1985.You married me in 1997.You give me a thrill every time you walk through the door. Thank you for marrying me 20 years ago today.”

Macy marked the milestone with a word of his personal on Twitter: “Twenty years ago today I did the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I married Felicity Huffman.”

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