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Energy Gel Poop | Women’s Health

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“Your gastrointestinal system, and more specifically your small intestine, optimally absorbs nutrients, such as carbohydrates, within a certain concentration range,” says licensed power and conditioning specialist Carwyn Sharp, Ph.D., chief science officer for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. “Gels, chews, and waffles have strong amounts of carbs, sugars, and electrolytes to fuel your body, but if you haven’t consumed sufficient amounts of water, your small intestine may not be able to handle them efficiently.”

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That causes a reasonably extreme chain of occasions. First, to dilute this combination of carby stuff, water strikes out of your blood and into the gut to assist it course of issues, which may result in—dun dun dun—dehydration. Once it hits that time, your physique has to take blood away from the GI tract to assist your working muscle tissues hold shifting, explains Sharp. That leaves much less blood out there to soak up the vitamins you simply consumed, and they also transfer on to the massive gut. That’s the place micro organism sits and feeds on sugars…leading to fuel, bloating, and diarrhea. Add that to the repetitive bouncing movement of operating, and voila, you’ve the recipe for some critically messy pants.

Learn how you can step up the depth of your subsequent cardio exercise with a pair of 5-pound dumbbells:

All that stated, you don’t have to surrender your power godsends. Really what it’s essential do to stop potty issues (the number-two type no less than) is drink loads of water to dilute the excessive concentrations, says Sharp. And a tip which will look like a no brainer however method too many individuals skip: Read the instructions. Most packets will inform you how a lot to eat in relation to your period of train. (They also needs to remind you to take them with water.)

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And yet one more phrase to the clever: Experiment with these guys a couple of occasions throughout trial runs. Some individuals have extra delicate stomachs than others—not one thing you need to discover out on race day. (Take it from me.)

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