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Emma Stone Gained 15 Pounds of Muscle For Her Latest Role

Emma Stone’s newest movie, Battle of the Sexes, which is due in theaters September 22nd, required her to placed on some additional kilos – 15 to be actual. The Oscar-winning actress was overjoyed to placed on the 15 kilos of muscle and her coach is sharing precisely how they completed this aim. 

Her coach, Jason Walsh, shared with People, “Emma was pretty light and had a very petite, dancer-type body. I wanted to put some weight on her, some muscle on her. We really shifted the diet plan. She started taking in more good, healthy calories.” But, it wasn’t nearly what she ate, as her exercise shifted, too. “We started doing training geared toward getting more weight and muscle on her, so it was a little more believable onscreen, and also for her mind and her character,” Walsh completed.

It took about three months of coaching to seize her character, tennis legend Billie Jean King, and she or he was in full awe of how King achieved the identical look simply by enjoying tennis professionally. “It was wild because you weren’t really working out,” Stone says in a double speak interview with King on this week’s PEOPLE. “When you were my age, you were just playing tennis. You looked like that because you were mostly playing tennis.”

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